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We are a purpose-driven tech company propelling energy system transformation

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STELLAR empowers the transition towards a sustainable, digital, and integrated energy sector

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BRIGHTER revolutionizes real estate to be more energy efficient, comfortable, and sustainable

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With our next-generation tech platforms, we transform the real estate and energy sectors by building the IT backbone of our future integrated, sustainable energy system.

Our Products

Unlock the full value of flexibility

STELLAR integrates and automates control of energy assets and trading operations, enabling you to maximize the value of your portfolio. STELLAR’s vertically-integrated products empower energy utilities and asset owners to optimize behind-the-meter assets, virtual power plants, and multi-commodity smart grids.
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Optimize Your Real Estate Assets

BRIGHTER is a comprehensive real estate platform that facilitates portfolio-wide data analytics, ESG reporting, and dynamic building control. BRIGHTER enables real estate owners, investors, and managers to transform their assets into highly energy-efficient, comfortable, and sustainable buildings.
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Grid Edge Consulting

Discover the potential for optimizing your energy system

We leverage our in-depth expertise in smart energy systems and smart building technology to engineer the optimal solution - from analyzing available grid capacity in congestion areas to assessing the business case for building optimization or battery storage systems, we deliver actionable insights to accelerate your implementation process
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Republica Microgrid

Republica Papaverweg is an area development of 20.000 m2 located in Buiksloterham, Amsterdam North, consisting of a large hotel, three...

Wind Curtailment for Pure Energie

Our Automated Curtailment module (a modular product of our Stellar platform) optimizes the total wind portfolio of one of the most renewable...