A turn-key real estate platform which combines portfolio-wide performance benchmarking with cutting-edge building automation to optimize efficiency and comfort levels.

Spectral Smart Grid Platform (SGP)

The SGP is an advanced energy management platform which supports a broad range of applications, from optimizing the control of grid-scale batteries and wind farms to mission-critical congestion relief within regional smart grids. 


Spectral leverages years of expertise in implementing smart-grids and integrated electrical / thermal energy systems to support governments, energy utilities, and real-estate developers in realizing complex projects and executing ambitious energy transition strategies.


Together with our clients and partners we are working towards a 100% renewable energy sector.

Schiphol Trade Park Smart Grid

The Schiphol Trade Park (STP) is a large business and logistics hub next to the Schiphol International Airport in Amsterdam. In October 2020, the area was listed as a congestion “red zone” by the local distribution system operator…

GIGA Storage – Rhino

Spectral partners with GIGA Storage to optimize and steer the large-scale, GIGA Rhino, battery – a 12 MW grid-connected battery provided by NEC. The GIGA Rhino battery will be the most powerful energy storage project in the Netherlands…

NSI Portfolio

By onboarding a big part of their real estate portfolio onto the Smart Building Platform, NSI gains greater insight into the performance of the individual buildings and the portfolio as a whole, reporting becomes easier and the 26…