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July 15, 2020

Hellegatsplein to Become Sustainable Power Plant

Rotterdam, 15 July, 2020 – Energy supplier Greenchoice and Greener Power Solutions have opened a charging hub for mobile battery containers at the Hellegatsplein wind farm. The flex charging hub is equipped to accommodate ten mobile batteries, which are linked to the national electricity grid and are charged directly from the four existing windmills. Spectral has developed software, STELLAR, that ensures correct control of the batteries so services can be provided to help balance the national electricity grid. Thus making the wind farm a hybrid sustainable energy + battery storage plant. The ultimate goal: to make fossil fuel power plants obsolete.

Jurgen Duivenvoorden, Pricing & Short Term Portfolio Manager of Greenchoice: “There is an increasing supply and demand for green energy from the sun and wind in the Netherlands. To keep this in balance at any time of the day, the need for flexibility in the electricity grid is growing. We want to meet this need with sustainable solutions, so that the use of fossil fuels – with which the electricity grid is now mainly kept in balance – can be phased out. This hybrid sustainable power plant at Hellegatsplein is therefore a crucial step towards a fossil-free future.”

Innovative mobile battery docking station launched at Hellegatsplein wind farm
The Hellegatsplein wind farm consists of four Alstom Power 110 wind turbines, with a total capacity of 12MW. The ten Greener Power Solutions mobile batteries each have an energy storage capacity of 336 KWh. Through integration with Spectral’s STELLAR, use of energy storage can be optimized to deliver support services to the Dutch Transmission System Operator, Tennet, in order to help balance supply and demand on the European electricity grid.

In 2019, Greenchoice already installed a stationary 10 megawatt-hour battery at the Hartel II wind farm to contribute to a stable and sustainable energy system in the Netherlands. This wind farm has a yearly production capacity of 68 GWh and generates sufficient energy for 27,500 households in the Netherlands. The Hellegatsplein wind farm represents an annual production capacity of 41.5 GWh of sustainable energy – the equivalent of 16,500 households’ annual energy consumption.

Philip Gladek, CEO, Spectral: “STELLAR enables delivery of multiple, stacked energy services, including peak power management and energy market trading, while at the same time ensuring that the batteries are effectively deployed to support the balance of the Dutch electricity grid using locally produced, sustainable energy. ”

Klaas Akkerman, founder and COO, Greener: “We are proud to offer a flexible solution for this market with our mobile battery solutions. The temporary storage of sustainably generated energy is an important part of the energy transition. Together with the project partners, we are investigating where our systems are even more useful by buffering green energy on the national energy grid.”

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