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October 6, 2021

Smart Energy Systems Launched With Greenchoice

Smart Energy Systems: An Integral and Scaleable Road to Sustainable Business Parks

Amsterdam – October 6, 2021
By having the companies in business parks work together on integrated sustainability, sustainable energy can be generated on a large scale and CO2 emissions can be prevented. Together with Greenchoice, we are working on a smart new product: Smart Energy Systems.

CO2 emissions, unused roofs, and grid congestion

Business parks are major consumers of electricity and, with their large roof surfaces, offer unprecedented opportunities for sustainable energy generation. However, at the moment there is still a long way to go to make these areas more sustainable. And if it happens at all, knowledge and skills are not shared, and solutions are not implemented integrally across the entire field. Instead of working together, efforts are made to make one building more sustainable, without looking at the possibilities of making it more sustainable together, wherever the excess generated energy is returned to the energy grid. This exacerbates existing grid congestion problems.

Smart Energy Systems

In Smart Energy Systems, participating companies can choose from a ‘menu’ of measures. It contains options ranging from installing solar panels to insight into consumption to timing your consumption with your own generation. Thanks to this integrated approach and because several companies on the site are working on sustainability at the same time, more and faster sustainability can be achieved.

Plug and play

The pilot will start at three business parks at the end of October. Expectations are high. Not only for the participating business parks but also for future participants. By keeping a close eye on developments in the market and keeping a finger on the pulse of the pilot parties, we are working on expanding the menu with even more sustainable and cost-effective measures, a personalized roadmap for each site, and a copyable standard for even more impact.

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Video: interview with Stefan Kop of Spectral and Bastiaan de Boer of Greenchoice (in Dutch)

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