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October 26, 2023

Faster, Simpler, Error-Free GRESB Reporting with BRIGHTER

On October 17th, the GRESB scores from the previous year were released. These results score real estate portfolios on their ESG performance and allow real-estate investors to benchmark their assets against their peers. Last year’s scores underline the pressing need for real estate companies to focus on their ESG performance, in order to do better the next time around.

It is clear that a good GRESB score is essential to any sustainability-oriented real estate investor. However, the reporting process itself can use some help. This post delves into real estate companies’ challenges when preparing GRESB reports and introduces an innovative solution to make this endeavor more accessible and efficient.

Data Collection Dilemma

The GRESB reporting process can often feel like an uphill battle, primarily due to the time-consuming data collection task. Real estate companies need to compile data from multiple sources, including utility bills, IoT sensors, third-party databases, and manual records. Gathering all this information manually is time-consuming and susceptible to human errors. A key client of ours with nearly 100 real estate assets reported that it can take up to 2 months of effort to prepare the report. There is a world to be gained by improving this process.


Spectral’s BRIGHTER ESG module is the beacon of light in the midst of this data collection dilemma. Here’s how BRIGHTER streamlines the process and transforms it into an efficient and error-free task:

Automated Data Collection:

BRIGHTER eliminates the tedium of manual data collection by automating the entire process. Your team can now focus on making sustainable improvements while the platform takes care of data gathering.

API-First Approach:

With an API-first approach, BRIGHTER integrates with critical data sources such as metering companies, the EAN Codeboek, Kadaster, and EP-Online, ensuring your data is always up-to-date and directly obtained from the source, thereby significantly denting the effort involved in gathering this data.

Data Integration and Prioritization:

BRIGHTER combines and prioritizes multiple data sources to provide a comprehensive view of your ESG performance.

Diverse Resource Data Collection:

The platform collects various resource data types, including electricity, gas, heat, solar, water, waste, and more, down to the main and sub-meter levels.

Error Mitigation and Cost Savings:

BRIGHTER significantly reduces the risk of human errors and saves your company substantial effort and costs associated with manual data handling.

Dedicated GRESB Partner:

BRIGHTER streamlines the process further by allowing your data and results to be sent directly to GRESB with the simple push of a button. This not only ensures compliance but also significantly reduces the time and effort required to gather and submit data. By consolidating all your energy data in one environment, BRIGHTER transforms ESG reporting into a seamless and efficient task.

Domain Expertise:

Backed by a team of sustainability and real estate domain experts, BRIGHTER understands your unique needs and challenges, providing dedicated customer success support.

Close the loop on your ESG Strategy:

With our Building optimization product and a suite of complementary tooling tailored towards building efficiency optimization, BRIGHTER doesn’t just cater to your reporting and data management needs; we holistically partner with you in helping deploy your ESG strategy into motion. Thereby empowering your team to operate buildings smarter and more sustainable.

To conclude, ESG reporting and GRESB compliance are no longer “nice to have”. BRIGHTER ESG simplifies the process. By addressing the data collection dilemma, automating reporting, and ensuring that your real estate company can meet the rigorous standards set by GRESB, BRIGHTER proves itself to be a trustworthy partner in GRESB reporting.

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