Guus Hiddink, a former Dutch coach, coaches the Dutch national team based on analysis and strategy.
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December 12, 2023

The Power of Optimized Building Control as a Football Team

The pursuit of sustainability and efficiency is central to the complex ecosystem of building management. The skill of integrating cutting-edge control technologies with conventional Building Management Systems (BMS) to achieve Building Optimization is similar to the strategic choreography of a successful football team.

The Football Metaphor

Optimized building control doesn’t take the place of a BMS. Instead, it collaborates with it. Imagine a football game in which the HVAC equipment represents the players. Every team member performs their tasks for a common goal.

In this scenario, the traditional BMS works like a team captain. The captain motivates the team and takes the lead on the field, but they need more strategic depth and real-time analytics to guide the team to peak performance.

Here, the software overlay with optimized building control represents the team’s coach, whose role transcends the immediate play on the pitch. This coach, armed with analytical insight and strategic vision, dictates the team’s overall tactics and style of play. They know when to instruct the team to push its limits, just as the optimized control knows when to maximize the use of gas boilers. The coach also knows how to adjust the team’s play to changing weather conditions, just as the optimized control modifies the building’s operating parameters based on weather forecasts.

Much like a skillfully managed football team can outperform its rivals through strategic moves and clever tactics, a building equipped with optimized control can surpass expectations by achieving superior comfort and energy efficiency, overcoming the challenges posed by changing internal and external conditions. Every component plays a critical role in optimizing building systems in real-time.

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