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December 22, 2023

BRIGHTER saved nearly 20 tons of CO2 for Remans Vastgoedbeheer in 6 months!

Using BRIGHTER’s Building Optimization module, Dutch real estate manager Remans Vastgoedbeheer has reduced carbon emissions by almost 20 tons in just six months, with an average reduction in gas use of 37% throughout their portfolio.

“We built BRIGHTER to make a difference in real estate. There is such enormous potential in this industry for change – time and time again we see that increasing efficiency, using our Building Optimization module, is worth the investment. And then some.” says Philip Gladek, Spectral CEO. “I am thrilled to see that more and more real estate managers like Remans see that potential as well, are willing to act on it, and trust us to help them make a difference.”

Real Results

From February 2023 to August 2023, Remans Vastgoedbeheer had remarkable success managing the energy use across their portfolio and reducing their environmental effect. The extraordinary outcome included a gas savings of 11.104 m3 and a carbon emissions savings of 19.892 kg.

“These numbers demonstrate that we made the right decision in selecting BRIGHTER Building Optimization. Our shared commitment to sustainability and data-driven decision-making made these outstanding outcomes possible,” says Carolien Boogert, real estate manager for Remans Vastgoedbeheer.

One of the most significant findings is the average 37% gas savings in the portfolio, especially considering that these outcomes are feasible without changing the current machinery. BRIGHTER Building Optimization controls existing equipment.

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