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March 7, 2024

Spectral Nominated for Global ESG Awards

We proudly announce that Spectral has been nominated for the prestigious EcoBalance Award at the 2024 Global ESG Awards! This recognition from 90 worldwide judges showcases Spectral as one of the top 5 global solutions for addressing climate change and pollution in the built environment, showcasing our dedication to sustainability and innovation.

Global ESG Awards 2024

The Global ESG Awards, hosted by the European Building Innovation Network (EUBIN) and in partnership with MIPIM and PAUL, honors firms showcasing exceptional performance in environmental, social, and governance (ESG) domains. Spectral, a nominee in the EcoBalance Award category, distinguishes itself through its dedication to leveraging technology, open innovation, and digitalization for a more sustainable built environment.

Empowering Sustainability Through Innovation and Collaboration

Through technology and open innovation, we aim to revolutionize building design, construction, and operation to reduce environmental impact while addressing comfort and cost challenges. Grateful for the Global ESG Awards nomination, we extend our thanks to partners, customers, and stakeholders for their support. Together, let’s forge a more sustainable future.

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