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June 10, 2024

PZEM Signs Contract with Spectral for Innovative Energy Solutions

Middelburg, Netherlands – June 10, 2024-

Spectral, a prominent scale-up in the energy sector known for its pioneering work in integrating energy and information technologies, has entered into a contract with PZEM Energy Company B.V., a subsidiary of EP NL. This collaboration signifies a significant stride towards the optimization and integration of diverse flexible energy assets within PZEM’s portfolio.

What does the deal entail

The deal includes a collaboration in which PZEM will utilize the technology and expertise of Spectral to integrate various flexible assets of our customers within a single virtual power plant.  This involves battery optimization, wind, and solar park curtailment, demand response (for example E-boilers and electrolysers), and Combined Heat & Power (CHP) optimization.

As a qualified Balance Responsible Party (BRP), Balance Service Provider, and Congestion Service Provider, PZEM has 24/7 access to all flexibility markets. Thanks to the collaboration with Spectral, we can now connect these markets with our existing portfolio. At PZEM, we aim to give our customers access to the various flexibility markets, considering the deployment of this flexibility as equivalent to our assets. Compensation for flexibility is carried out based on a transparent, objective, and market-oriented reward, providing the right incentive to deploy PZEM’s knowledge and experience in customer service. Due to the synergistic effects that arise, PZEM expects to remain competitive and distinctive in the growing field of service providers in the area of flexibility optimization.

About Spectral

Spectral is a pioneering technology company driving the transformation of energy systems, facilitating the shift to a sustainable, digital, and integrated energy sector. Their comprehensive services include automating energy asset control and trading operations, data analysis, optimizing real estate for energy efficiency and sustainability, and consultancy for smart energy systems and smart building technologies. Committed to accelerating the transition to a 100% renewable energy system, Spectral offers Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions through two platforms: STELLAR, which integrates and optimizes renewable energy assets, and BRIGHTER, focusing on energy usage optimization in real estate.

We’re excited to embark on our long-term collaboration with PZEM, working together to unlock the value of flexibility from PZEM’s increasingly diverse portfolio of distributed energy resources. Together we will demonstrate how next-generation Virtual Power Plants can effectively replace conventional, fossil fuel sources to empower a robust, reliable, and sustainable energy system.” – Philip Gladek, CEO and Co-Founder, Spectral

About EP NL

EP NL, a subsidiary of the EPH Group, is a key player in the Dutch energy market with installed capacity of 2.6 GW and a 1.5 GW portfolio of power purchase agreement. We focus on electricity generation, trading and the supply of energy and solutions for businesses. Our efficient and flexible power plants ensure a stable and controllable electricity supply for the Netherlands. We integrate renewable energy sources and provide required flexibility to the electricity market. EP NL is committed to a reliable, sustainable energy future and efficient energy supply for the Netherlands. We actively shape the energy landscape by providing efficient solutions today and investing in innovative technologies for the future.

“This strategic collaboration underscores the commitment of both PZEM and Spectral to transform the future of energy management and distribution, with benefits for both customers and the broader energy market” – Felix Schlichter, CCO of EP NL

Infographic of the process

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