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Optimize Your Real Estate Assets

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  • Organize all your ESG related data using our proprietary information model
  • Get insights into data quality and start your journey towards investment-grade data
  • Deep-dive into your resource data
  • Assess risk of your assets stranding using scientifically-based targets
  • Set goals and KPIs to track progress towards targets
  • Confidently report to external auditors, investors, shareholders
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Real Estate Assets Connected


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Value of Real Estate Assets

15 billion €

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GFA connected to Building Optimization


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CO2 Savings Realized

2300 tons

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Monitored Building Management Systems

100 +


ESG Data Management

A data-driven foundation for compliance and strategic decision making

Simplified ESG Reporting
Streamline ESG Reporting to optimize efficiency and reduce reporting expenses, saving both costs and effort.

Smooth Integrations
Efficiently automates data collection, seamlessly integrating diverse sources, and ensures timely delivery. Delivers data at both portfolio and individual building levels with investment-grade quality.

Develop Decarbonization Strategies
BRIGHTER actively guides your decarbonization journey through its advanced scenario simulation tool, resulting in huge effort and cost savings.

  • Automated resource (energy, water, waste) data collection

  • Generate reports and export data 

  • CRREM and Paris Proof valid 

  • Overview of building certifications (energy labels, GPR, BREEAM)

  • GRESB Reporting & Scores (by fund/portfolio)

  • Like-for-like comparisons

  • Heating degree day normalization

Building Optimization

Boosting both efficiency and comfort

Achieves gas and heat savings between 15-60%
Advanced algorithms utilize weather forecasts and predictive models to drastically improve  your building’s energy efficiency.

Proactive Data-Driven Abnormality Detection
Reduce operational costs from equipment failures and mitigate the impact on tenants by resolving problems before they become climate complaints.

Tailored to any HVAC Typology
Our adaptable data model fits all HVAC types, enabling us to create a “Digital Twin” replica of your building to continuously  optimize efficiency and comfort.

  • Save an average of 28% on annual gas or heating consumption

  • Reduces climate complaints and improve tenant satisfaction 

  • Continuously, predictively optimizes building climate control

  • Proactively detects abnormalities and resolves incidents

  • Connects to any type of BMS – fully vendor-agnostic

  • Adapts to any type of climate systems – HVAC-typology agnostic

  • Analyzes and reports at an advanced level, providing comprehensive insights for informed decision-making

IoT Add-Ons

Smart Sensors, Gateways, and Submeters to enhance your results

Optimize your portfolio with our IoT Add-Ons. Experience real-time measurements, swift wireless installations, and hassle-free Hardware as a Service. Visualize sensor data effortlessly on the BRIGHTER dashboard and monitor revenue-grade meters for optimal efficiency. Supercharge your operations with our user-friendly and comprehensive IoT solutions

  • BRIGHTER Smart Sensors to measure temperature, humidity, CO2, and more

  • BRIGHTER Gateway connects  with any BMS or submetering system

  • Submeters that measure electricity, heat, gas, and water- available via Spectral’s partner network

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Merin Portfolio

With the entire Merin portfolio onboarded to BRIGHTER, we now automatically control the buildings’ climate systems, saving even more energy in...

NSI Office Portfolio: Eliminating Energy Waste and Improving Indoor Climate

Door de meerderheid van hun vastgoedportefeuille te onboarden op BRIGHTER, verkrijgt NSI meer inzicht in de prestaties van hun assets en kunnen...

Aroundtown: Shining a Light on Sustainability

A recent opportunity was presented to Aroundtown, a participant in the "15% gas terug" (15% less gas) network established by the Metropol Region...

Hines: Data Gathering and Control for Real Estate

Until September 2022, real estate investor Hines had access to only a portion of its portfolio's resource data. But that's about to change....

Parnassia: Efficient and Comfortable Heating

This project was about implementing an active control system to regulate the heating system of a building more in line with demand. The goal was...

Republica Microgrid

Republica Papaverweg is an area development of 20.000 m2 located in Buiksloterham, Amsterdam North, consisting of a large hotel, three...

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