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Optimize your real estate assets

BRIGHTER is a comprehensive real estate platform that combines portfolio-wide ESG data analytics with dynamic building control. BRIGHTER enables real estate investors and managers to transform their assets into highly energy-efficient, comfortable, and sustainable buildings.

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  • Automated utility meter and building data collection
  • Portfolio and asset-level data analytics and insights
  • Track KPIs and generate data reports, including GRESB
  • Analyze performance of building installations and prevent faults
  • Dynamic building control to optimize climate and efficiency
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Real Estate Assets Connected


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Value of Real Estate Assets

15 billion €

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GFA of Dynamically Controlled Buildings


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CO2 Savings Realized

2300 tons

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Monitored Building Management Systems

100 +

Discover BRIGHTER's Products & Solutions

BRIGHTER Essential

Collect resource data and diverse building information for individual assets and complete portfolios

Collect and manage diverse real estate data sources to provide insights into resource consumption, energy labels, and other relevant information to ensure compliance with the European Energy Efficiency Directive (EED) and other regulatory measures.

BRIGHTER Essential serves as the basis of the platform and provides a core set of functionalities which can be further extended by adding any of BRIGHTER’s product modules presented below

  • Automated, high-resolution, high-frequency utility meter data collection

  • Electricity, gas, heat, water data

  • Building certifications (Energy Labels, GPR, BREEAM)

  • Building function, type, year of construction, floor areas, and more

  • Overview of building equipment, including HVAC, lighting, and more

  • Aggregated portfolio-level data

  • General real estate data

  • Advanced data filtering functionalities

  • GRESB Scores (by fund / portfolio)

  • Data reports and export functionality

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Insights into KPIs and benchmarks, including CRREM and GRESB reporting

Gain complete oversight of the ESG performance of your real estate portfolio. BRIGHTER ESG offers a wide array of KPIs, analyses, and reporting tools.


*As an authorized GRESB data partner, we can automate your GRESB reporting via BRIGHTER ESG

  • Paris Proof Analysis

  • Carbon Risk Real Estate Monitor (CRREM)

  • CO2 Emissions (by scope)

  • Climate Risk Assessment

  • Air pollution monitor

  • Distance to amenities

  • GRESB Reporting*

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BRIGHTER Building Data

Collect high resolution data from BMSs, sub-meters, and sensors

Integrate a wide range of different Building Management Systems (BMS), sub-meters, and sensors to acquire high-resolution data regarding building installations, energy flows, and indoor climate conditions.

  • Vendor-agnostic BMS integrations – numerous brands supported

  • Collection and management of hundreds of BMS data points

  • High resolution sub-meter data (Electricity, gas, heat, or water)

  • Installation of sub-meters (optional)

  • Indoor climate and air quality sensors: Temperature / Humidity, CO2, PM, Light, Motion

  • Installation of sensors (optional)

  • Visualization of real-time sensor data on building floor-plans

BRIGHTER Building Diagnostics

Active monitoring of the performance of building equipment and HVAC systems

Assess the performance of building installations, uncover possible malfunctions before they impact tenants, and identify opportunities for optimization of settings.

  • Detection of abnormalities

  • Savings potential based on settings

  • Logging of equipment warnings and alarms

  • Equipment diagnostics reports

  • Functional testing of building installations (optional)

  • On-site building audit (optional)

BRIGHTER Dynamic Control

Fully automated HVAC control to optimize comfort levels and energy savings

Cutting-edge optimization of building climate control to improve comfort levels and increase energy efficiency. Reduce tenant climate complaints and realize huge savings with BRIGHTER Dynamic Control.


*Based on buildings with an office function

  • Save an average of 25%* on annual gas / heating consumption

  • Continuous, predictive optimization of building climate control

  • Vendor-agnostic BMS integrations – numerous brands supported

  • HVAC-typology agnostic – support of all types of systems

  • Customer help desk

  • Savings analysis and reports

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