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Grid edge consulting

Discover the potential for optimizing your energy system

We leverage our in-depth expertise in smart energy systems and smart building technology to engineer the optimal solution – from sizing of storage systems, analyzing and designing solutions for areas with grid congestion to assessing the business case for building optimization.

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With our data driven approach we deliver actionable insights:

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Assess the techno-economic feasibility of your smart energy project

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Optimize your assets financially and energetically

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Analyze different system scenarios to identify the optimal solution

Discover our Grid Edge Consultancy Services

Area level smart grid feasibility studies

for business parks and congestion areas

Assessing the potential, defining the solution, and analyzing the techno-financial feasibility of a smart grid solution

  • Insight in current and future electricity consumption and production on an areal level

  • Analyzing the mismatch between consumption and production and the potential for flexibility

  • Assessing the impact on the local electricity grid

  • Determining the available capacity in the grid and defining optimal strategies for congestion relief

  • Defining preferred solutions together with key stakeholders

  • Analyzing the techno-financial feasibility of these solutions

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Business case and system analyses

for batteries, electric mobility, and other sources of flexibility

Providing insights into the advantages of steering flexible energy assets and combining multiple, stacked energy services, including: behind-the-meter optimization, energy trading, and delivery of ancillary services.

  • Conducting advanced simulations to assess earnings potential given varying asset control and trading strategies

  • Determining optimal asset sizing based on simulations, taking into account operational and grid capacity constraints

  • Evaluating of the total cost of ownership of various system scenarios

  • Assessment of (technical) feasibility and relevant requirements for various behind-the-meter and energy trading use-cases

  • Analyzing the systemic and financial effects of adding other assets, such as: renewable energy generation, batteries, electric vehicles, (electric) heating / cooling systems, hydrogen technology, among others

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Advanced building analyses

For real estate portfolios and batteries

Insight in building optimization energy savings potential for buildings and real estate portfolios.

  • Quick scan of savings potential from optimization of dynamic building control

  • Assessment of technical feasibility for implementation of dynamic building control

  • Analysis of building energy supply / demand profiles and the effects of adding renewable energy, electrification of heating, and / or E.V. charging

  • Assessment of flexibility potential from current or future building installations

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System engineering, integration design, and project development support

for smart grids and flexible assets

Bridging the gap between technical designs and real-world implementation of smart grids, energy storage, and energy management solutions.

  • Supporting clients with asset procurement and RfP processes

  • Review of site power systems, networking, and SCADA system designs

  • Definition of system functional and technical requirements

  • Coordination with client subcontractors to ensure alignment regarding scope and system requirements

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