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Unlock the full value of flexibility

STELLAR integrates and automates energy assets and trading operations, enabling you to maximize the value of your portfolio. STELLAR’s vertically-integrated products empower energy utilities and asset owners to optimize behind-the-meter assets, virtual power plants, and multi-commodity smart grids.

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  • Integrate a diverse array of assets, including solar, wind, batteries, CHPs, E.V. chargers, and more
  • Support a wide range of applications, from behind-the-meter optimization to mission-critical management of balancing reserves
  • Unlock new revenue streams to optimize your return on investments
  • Maintain complete, real-time oversight of your asset portfolio
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Solar Plants Connected

381 MWp

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Wind Farms Connected

300 MWp

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Batteries Connected

56 MW

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Renewables Connected

955 MWp

Discover STELLAR’s Products & Solutions

STELLAR Energy Control

Connect, control, and optimize a diverse array of energy assets

STELLAR Energy Control steers your energy assets and virtual power plants to deliver stacked energy services.

  • Technology Agnostic

    Integrate any device or energy asset

  • Stacked Energy Services

    Deliver multiple energy services simultaneously, like curtailment

  • Predictive Control

    AI-enabled, fully automated predictive control algorithms

  • Highly Scalable

    Orchestrate thousands of devices in real-time

  • Easy Integration

    Connect via API to pull data and push control requests

  • Robust & Secure

    High availability with built-in redundancy and security by design


Renewable Energy Asset Control

Integrate with any solar or wind asset to enable real-time control and curtailment based on negative market prices.   

Energy Storage Management

Advanced management of energy storage systems to optimize performance and enable the delivery of grid balancing services 

Hybrid Power Plant Control

Combine multiple assets, including renewable energy, battery systems, and biomass/biogas generators, into a high-performance hybrid power plants 

Behind the Meter Optimization

Connect solar, batteries E.V. chargers, and other flexible assets to maximize solar self consumption and enable optimized peak power management

Virtual Power Plant Orchestration

Aggregate a diverse fleet of energy assets to to maximize the value of your portfolio by delivering multiple, stacked energy services

STELLAR Grid Management

A turn-key solution for smart grids, microgrids, and grid congestion relief

STELLAR Grid Management is a comprehensive solution for congestion relief and microgrid optimization.

  • Multi-Commodity

    Cross-optimize across electricity, heat, and gas systems

  • Grid Optimization

    Advanced control algorithms optimize based on grid topology constraints

  • Import & Export Limits

    Manage grid congestion for both grid import and export

  • Financial Management

    Integrated algorithms to facilitate financial settlement between connected parties

  • Power Quality Management

    Monitor and control power quality based on grid standards

  • Robust & Secure

    High availability with built-in redundancy and security by design


Microgrid Optimization

Integrate diverse assets, including renewable energy systems, batteries, generators, heat pumps, and electric vehicle chargers to optimize supply and demand within community and area-level private distribution networks

“Virtual Network” Balancing

Virtually aggregate buildings and energy assets to dynamically share available grid capacity, enabling congestion relief and optimal utilization of regional grid infrastructure

Substation & Grid Monitoring

Advanced, real-time monitoring and automation of transformer stations, circuit protection, and cables to manage power quality in low-voltage and mid-voltage networks

STELLAR Energy Exchange

Market access and trading automation for next-generation energy companies

STELLAR Energy Exchange provides turn-key IT solutions to facilitate your energy trading activities – from market platform integrations to trading automation.

  • Spot & Balancing Markets

    Integrations with multiple spot and ancillary services market platforms

  • Process Automation

    Automate core business processes, including bidding and data reporting

  • Stay in Control

    Fine-tune and optimize trading strategies through configurable parameters

  • Integrated Forecasts

    AI-driven generation, demand, and price forecasting algorithms

  • Market Insights

    Deep market insights, trends, and data analytics

  • Robust & Secure

    High availability with built-in redundancy and security by design


Market Platform Integration

Software integrations with market platforms in order to enable algorithmic trading and management of the complete life-cycle of trading operations

BSP / BRP IT Services

Technical integrations with TSO back-end systems in order to enable BSPs / BRPs to automate data reporting, allocation messages, and other core business processes

Trading Decision Support

Optimize trading strategies by leveraging advanced forecasts and data analytics in order to understand market dynamics and trends

Trading Automation

Schedule and automate bidding actions to drastically reduce time spent on managing trading operations.

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