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Scaling Reliable and Renewable Energy Systems Requires Unlocking the Potential of Existing Infrastructure

The municipality of Amsterdam has set ambitious goals to transition to a sustainable and future-proof city. Those goals include the desire for more renewable energy generation, as well as a stimulus for electric vehicles. However, those advances result in higher (peak) electricity demands. This is a Grid Edge Consulting project.


July 2019 – June 2020





With so many new developments underway, the ArenApoort area faces serious grid capacity challenges. New developments and electrification of existing developments will create high additional peak loads. The challenge here is to create an efficient, stable, and sustainable energy system. Congestion has become a major concern in furthering the sustainable potential of this neighborhood’s electrical network. At this time the grid cannot support an increased connection capacity to the Johan Cruijff Arena.



This is a Grid Edge Consulting project. With its diverse development portfolio, ArenApoort offers many opportunities to integrate local renewable energy production with smart energy technologies. Spectral has proposed a more dynamic approach to balancing the electrical loads of existing infrastructure, by integrating the flexible potential of new assets like smart charging stations and a local hydrogen hub.



It was found that the power grid, though strained, will likely be able to cope with new developments, given that they are monitored and controlled intelligently. A smart grid platform that creates a local market and aggregates all flexible assets can help in balancing energy flows and mitigating peak loads, thereby ensuring an efficient, stable and sustainable energy system.

This project resulted in the LIFE Project, which is an acronym for Local Inclusive Future Energy city platform.

This project was made possible by support from the MOOI subsidy scheme.

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Energy Consultancy Team Lead

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