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Axpo: Revolutionizing Renewable Asset Management

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Renewable Asset Management Axpo

Enhancing Sustainable Energy through the Integration of Specialized Technology and Accurate Forecasting

The convergence of operational technology (OT) and information technology (IT) in the energy sector has created a solid partnership between Axpo and Spectral. Our joint expertise has led to exceptional results. This collaborative approach allows us to skillfully manage complex systems and deliver unparalleled precision in energy curtailment. Moreover, this project, showcasing strategic insights for Axpo’s informed decisions and sustainability, highlights STELLAR‘s smart energy software.


2023 - Present





Managing the imbalance fees associated with dynamic spot energy prices is a challenge for Axpo. To address this challenge, the pursuit of a robust solution demands a reliable and responsive system. This system must adeptly manage real-time fluctuations between national energy supply and demand, all while considering fluid electricity market prices. The success of this endeavor hinges on the use of a flexible and efficient system that can swiftly compensate for imbalances and deftly adapt to fluctuations in spot energy prices. This intricate effort necessitates the seamless integration of cutting-edge technologies, particularly machine learning and real-time data analytics. These advanced tools play a pivotal role in enabling the accurate monitoring, prediction, and extraction of insightful conclusions from imbalances, thereby refining energy trading strategies. By effectively confronting this complex challenge, Axpo enhances operational efficiency, effectively transforms financial risks into gains, and actively fosters the stability of the energy market.



Effectively harnessing the potential of Axpo’s renewable energy assets necessitates a multi-layered strategy for renewable asset management that seamlessly combines specialized operating technologies with accurate energy price forecasting. At the core of this strategic framework lies Spectral. By leveraging insights gleaned from Dexter’s energy price estimates, Spectral adeptly provides strategic asset curtailment. This involves pinpointing the optimal intervals for targeted curtailment of energy asset operations. Our approach is meticulously fine-tuned based on forecasted spot energy prices. This dynamic curtailment strategy not only proactively coordinates imbalance response but also fine-tunes energy trading, thereby mitigating financial vulnerabilities. Furthermore, it actively promotes power system stability. The integration of price forecasting empowers us to consistently and responsively manage imbalances, seamlessly adapting to Axpo’s evolving needs. Through this collaborative partnership, Axpo gains the capacity to enhance its energy management capabilities, ultimately achieving sustainable energy outcomes. This synergistic approach enables Axpo to adeptly rectify energy imbalances and work steadfastly towards a resilient and enduring energy ecosystem.




Spectral’s holistic management, spanning from energy price estimates to asset control, yields an exceptional outcome in stable asset management. Moreover, our seamless integration ensures precise asset curtailment according to forecasted spot energy prices. This result translates into significant financial advantages, bolstered grid stability, and operational prowess. These enhancements further solidify Axpo’s energy trading, risk management, and competitiveness in the energy market. Additionally, Spectral’s reliable power plant control system meets Axpo’s requirements for responsive and efficient imbalance management, significantly contributing to the project’s success in achieving renewable asset management.

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