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Bouwinvest - An Environmental Management System

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ESG Data Management for More than 400 Buildings

After a successful, educational proof of concept phase, Bouwinvest trusted Spectral to build an environmental management system for their complete real estate portfolio. Having one central platform for data gathering in which data enrichment, analysis, gap analyses and visualization take place enables people throughout the organization keep track more efficiently (and faster) of (and towards) their environmental, social, and governance goals. This is a BRIGHTER project.


January 2021 - Present





Bouwinvest was looking for a party to help them achieve more efficiency and reduce costs in ESG reporting. The final product has to be usable for a big, varied group of people. The buildings within the portfolio were also very different from each other. Our systems never had to process this much data. Some of this data was already being processed automatically via smart meters, while other types of data had to be manually processed. Another challenge was getting access to data: since we were dealing with a large number of main meters across different metering companies and including tenant connections.



This is a BRIGHTER project. We implemented our Smart Building Platform and expedited some projects on our roadmap. We met up with Bouwinvest weekly in client feedback sessions, in order to improve our product fast.



With ESG Data Management, Bouwinvest is now able to see a variety of data in one environment, monitor it, and visualize it. They can do so on a building level and portfolio level. Our analyses give insight into usage, comparisons, peak usage, and potential savings. Our upcoming GRESB integration will help Bouwinvest save time on their GRESB reporting. The real estate investor can now also make environmental impact analyses, making saving energy more measurable. Due to the integration with the building management systems for the Office and Hotel fund, we help Bouwinvest gain insight into the functioning of the HVAC installations.

We are continuing to build and improve the Smart Building Platform. Feedback from users like Bouwinvest is essential for further developments because it allows us to validate our assumptions and data.

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Sebastiaan Voskens

Business Manager for BRIGHTER

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