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B Vital: Optimizing Cutting-Edge Real Estate

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Developing a sustainable strategy with ESG Data Management and Building Optimization

Spectral was brought in to help make Flow Real Estate’s B Vital even more sustainable, saving energy usage and providing a central dashboard for ESG data.


March 2024- present





The primary challenge of the project is to improve the sustainability of B Vital, a multi-tenant office building in Amsterdam. Spectral was brought in because of our experience making real estate more sustainable, using our advanced tech.



B Vital uses both BRIGHTER ESG Data Management and Building Optimization. We have integrated B Vital’s many data streams into our platform, which analyzes different data types and brings them together into an understandable whole. This provides a comprehensive insight into the building’s energy and sustainability performance. With BRIGHTER, Flow can also investigate B Vital’s stranding risks and model which investments will help them achieve their sustainability goals. Meanwhile, Building Optimization is active for Flow, steering assets such as the heating system to perform as well as possible, making the already sustainable building hyper-efficient without losing comfort or requiring extensive renovations.



In progress, results to be seen.

I cannot afford to be a guinea pig. I was looking for a proven model with results. That is Spectral. They are the ship’s captain, ensuring we correct course when necessary.

Theo Vastenhout, Technical Asset Manager at Flow Real Estate

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