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De Dijken - Solar Power Meets Mobile Batteries

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Optimally Orchestrate a Mobile Battery Fleet to Deliver Ancillary Services and Maximize Use of Locally Produced Solar Energy

De Dijken consists of a 13,5 MWp solar park integrated with a 6,6 MW mobile battery docking station in Tuitjenhorn. After the launch of the first mobile battery plant in the Netherlands with Hellegatsplein (with 10 charging stations), this is the second, large-scale mobile battery docking station in the country, and the biggest so far with 22 charging stations. The combination of solar energy generation and mobile battery storage creates numerous opportunities to enable higher penetration of renewable energy in the broader energy system. The battery modules will be charged with solar energy at De Dijken and transported to events, construction sites, and other temporary applications in order to upgrade small grid connections and to replace polluting diesel generators. While they aren’t in-use for mobile applications, the batteries will be activated to help balance the Dutch / European electricity network using locally produced solar power from De Dijken. Through the development of this project, a significant amount of CO2 emissions can be avoided through use of solar + storage instead of the fossil fuel-based systems which are currently used for grid balancing and temporary power applications. This is a STELLAR project.


Live from September 2021





Spectral was commissioned to advise on the optimal design of the De Dijken plant, including sizing of the required grid connection to facilitate maximal generation efficiency while minimizing grid connection fees. Furthermore, Spectral was responsible for constructing an advanced simulation of the plant in order to devise a dispatch strategy to optimize the business case for the solar + storage assets. In Q3 of 2021, the De Dijken solar plant and mobile charging hub were realized, and Spectral delivered the energy management platform to optimize the solar and battery assets as one integrated renewable power plant.



This is a STELLAR project. Spectral was approached by Jan Pronk (Prosoldiga B.V.), an entrepreneur who was interested in experimenting with the combination of solar and energy storage at De Dijken. Spectral’s advanced simulation environment was leveraged to analyze the business case for De Dijken by modeling the revenues which could be generated by the solar + storage assets across various energy and balancing markets. After validating the business case potential for De Dijken, Spectral supported Prosoldiga in developing the project by establishing contact with key project partners, Greener and Greenchoice, in order to co-develop the plans for the construction of the hybrid renewable power plant. After several design iterations and formalization of the commercial arrangements between involved stakeholders, the project was given a green light to commence with construction in Q1 of 2021. The final electrical works and subsequent integration testing of the complete solar + storage system were conducted in August 2021, after which the project was launched, serving as another significant milestone on the Netherlands’ pathway towards a fully sustainable energy system.



This is a win-win-win-win-win!

  • Greener is able to charge their fleet of batteries with local renewable energy and to generate additional revenue streams by helping balance the national electricity network
  • Jan Pronk is able to maximize the use of his land and the solar park’s grid connection, as well as to unlock new revenue streams through the integration of the mobile battery park
  • Greenchoice was able to secure the PPA for the solar + storage plant, acting as BRP as well as further extending their BSP portfolio with additional storage assets
  • Tennet is offered balancing services powered by renewable energy, enabling smart integrated hybrid renewable power plants to drive the transition away from fossil fuels and create more competition / liquidity on the frequency regulation markets
  • The solar park is able to increase its total output and prevent curtailment through storage of a portion of the peak power produced within the mobile battery containers
  • The control systems delivered by Spectral facilitate multiple, stacked energy services, enabling the solar + storage assets to be utilized to manage local peak power, balance the national electricity network, and optimize Greenchoice’s energy portfolio
  • The use of existing grid infrastructure is maximized, making efficient use of the site’s grid connection through real-time power management. The control systems are also fit for future use-cases to help the local Distribution System Operator resolve issues caused by grid congestion in the region.
  • Spectral has further solidified their position as Dutch market leader in control of battery storage and hybrid renewable energy systems to drive maximal impact in the energy transition!

This project was supported by RVO’s DEI+ subsidy program as part of the Open VPP Project.

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