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Empowering Engie's B2B and PPA Landscape

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Fostering Collaborations and Advancing Automated Curtailment

Spectral is spearheading the automation of curtailment processes for the B2B and PPA portfolios within Engie’s network, using STELLAR Energy Control. Our combined knowledge has produced outstanding outcomes. We can offer energy control with exceptional precision and handle complicated systems with competence because of our collaborative approach.


December 2023 - Present





Engie, the world’s largest investor in renewable energy, faces a problem in managing the imbalance fees linked to fluctuating spot energy prices. Searching for a solid answer requires a rapid and dependable system to handle this task. The dynamic prices of the electricity market must be taken into account as this system skillfully manages changes in the energy supply and demand in real-time. An adaptable and effective system that can quickly correct imbalances and skillfully adjust to changes in spot energy costs is essential to the project’s success.

As time goes on, we have noticed that there is increasing volatility in the energy market. Imbalance costs fluctuate heavily, and the periods during which there are negative electricity prices are longer and happen more often. Considering Engie manages a large collection of both large-scale plants (5MWp) as well as rooftop ones (their B2B customer portfolios), it is essential to gain control of the renewable energy plants within their portfolio. Spectral is here to help them mitigate the risk of negative prices on the market, to leverage the STELLAR platform to automate the whole operation of curtailing renewable plants when there are negative prices.



Whenever we do a curtailment project, our control strategy must consider all kinds of external influences to successfully manage wind turbines, batteries, and solar panels. These variables include the energy price forecasts and the projected stability of the power system. To then successfully control the installations, STELLAR integrates with their operating systems. In some cases, it is a matter of a simple cloud connection to an existing operating system. In other cases, we add a small piece of hardware to the installation and provide the link to the cloud ourselves.



By implementing STELLAR, Engie is steering its assets intelligently, automatically, and in real-time. We continuously add more of the plants in Engie’s portfolio to our control software.

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