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Enhancing Greenchoice's Renewable Energy Portfolio with Automated Curtailment Services

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Minimizing the costs of increasing energy market imbalance and stabilizing the grid

Greenchoice, one of the most sustainable energy suppliers in the Netherlands, has a growing portfolio of renewable energy plants. Their portfolio includes solar plants, wind plants, and innovative hybrid configurations that also include energy storage. As a part of our long-term collaboration with Greenchoice, we deliver automated curtailment services. Curtailment is a strategic technique involving the deliberate reduction of energy output during periods of surplus generation. Curtailment helps stabilize the grid and avoid imbalance fees.


2019 - present





As Greenchoice’s renewable energy portfolio grows, curtailment is more and more important to minimize imbalance and optimize the portfolio. Such a task requires an advanced energy management system because the sites are different from each other. There are three challenges with a project like this: (1) seamless integration with existing hardware, (2) a robust control algorithm, and (3) adaptable technology capable of interfacing with diverse hardware configurations. These requisites ideally align with the capabilities of STELLAR’s Energy Control module.



We integrated with the sites’ SCADA systems and inverters. Where possible, we connected with sites using pre-existing infrastructure (using cloud-to-cloud or cloud-to-site technology). At a few sites, we installed gateways to connect. Once a resilient link was established between the sites and STELLAR, our Smart Energy Solutions platform, we started to curtail. Based on Greenchoices’ set points, we were able to steer the sites in real-time, to curtail energy production during periods of negative pricing and supply-demand imbalances.



The implementation of STELLAR has helped Greenchoice make strides on its road towards further utilization of intelligent, automated, real-time steering of its assets. Doing so has created the possibility of capitalizing on flexibility on both the individual site level (for solar and wind) and on the portfolio level. The curtailment efforts have financial implications (Greenchoice avoids imbalance fees) and sustainable impact: curtailed assets help stabilize the grid.

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