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Bouwinvest: Maximizing Hotel Potential through Building Optimization

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Proof of concept Building Optimization for Bouwinvest's Boat&Co

Bouwinvest aims to optimize energy consumption in their hotel portfolio to meet Paris Agreement Treaty requirements, with maintaining the harmony between energy savings and guest comfort. Therefore, Bouwinvest commissioned BRIGHTER to meet these goals. Boat&Co aims to be a trailblazer for hotels, proving that heating costs as well as energy consumption can be reduced through the use of an optimized system without compromising guest comfort and satisfaction.


January 2023





Spectral has been involved in several monitoring and dynamic control projects in various office buildings. This pilot collaboration between Boat&Co, Bouwinvest, and Spectral is the first hotel building from the Bouwinvest portfolio designated for dynamic control. Some main objectives identified by the stakeholders encompassed the following: demonstrated reduction in heating costs and energy consumption, improvement of guest comfort experience, and meeting Paris Climate Treaty requirements of 10% via the dynamic control system.



As is the nature of pilot projects, all stakeholders are working closely together to achieve the goals set. Spectral initially works with Boat&Co’s installations and sensors to study and investigate. Once the hotel is mapped, a monitoring dashboard is created to fine-tune the parameters of the building management system. Once the control strategy is developed, the advanced control strategy is implemented and the savings are evaluated.



Results pending

“We are thrilled to be the first hotel ever to experience dynamic control. This might just be the first step in a revolutionary era of hotel technology!”

Tim Wassenaar – Junior Asset Manager City-ID

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Sebastiaan Voskens

Business Manager for BRIGHTER

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