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Making Homes Energy Neutral

Within the Fabriekskwartier, the focus is on sustainable living. Several homes and apartments will need to be energy neutral. We recommended to smartly allocate PV-panels to the apartments and advised on integrating smart charging within the neighborhood to improve local energy consumption with 2.5% on yearly basis. This is a Grid Edge Consulting project.


April 2021 – October 2021





The goal of this project was to increase self-consumption within the neighborhood as much as possible. With the limited area available for solar panels on the apartments, a technical and organizational solution had to be found to make them net energy neutral. We explored the challenges associated with the collective integration of energy systems like ATES, solar panels, and smart EV charging. We also dug into the potential for a local smart grid. Additionally, the allocation of PV production to the ATES had to be researched. Besides that, the potential for flexibility was explored to increase the sustainability of Fabriekskwartier as a neighborhood.



This is a Grid Edge Consulting project. Based on past experience, the prospected energy consumption was determined. Using those consumption profiles, we explored several options for the energy-neutral norms and rise in self-consumption. Those consumption profiles were also used to analyze the potential for a high-temperature heat buffer, smart charging of EV, and battery storage in the apartments (to avoid peak currents).

We also compared several financing options, such as salderen, SDE, SCE, and the additional investment opportunity when apartments were energy neutral.



Due to the withdrawal of the Experimenteerregeling, a local smart grid could not be established. Yet, with the smart allocation of PV production, all chosen homes could be net energy zero. Besides that, we allocated PV to the ATES, so self-consumption for the ATES could be 78% and is financially interesting due to the utilization of SDE-financing.

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Energy Consultant

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