Flexible renewables at Bontepolder

Making renewables more useful for our 24/7 lives

Using our high-tech energy management solution and a battery, the solar park at Bontepolder has been made to be as efficient as can be. The generated energy can be used at times of high demand, and not just when the sun is shining.
PARTNERS Solarfields, Repowered
DATE September 2021 – March 2023

At Bontepolder, in the countryside near Terneuzen, the Netherlands, we were tasked with making sure as much of the generated electricity as possible could be exported and imported at the right time. This was made extra challenging by grid congestion: the available space on the grid was relatively small.


At first, we assisted Solarfields in the tendering process, advising them on the dimensions and prospected use of the battery, to make sure all the hardware could fit together neatly with our software system. We also delivered a high-tech, smart energy management system. The software will optimize the interaction between the solar park, the battery, and the grid. It will control the battery, for example, telling it when to charge and when to give energy to the grid. In doing so, we help balance the grid. (For the experts: we provide FCR services.) The battery basically acts as a buffer between supply and demand. Our specific role is to be system integrator – we provide the IT base for the whole, and the higher-level control algorithms that orchestrate the two assets. We control both assets, combining setpoints for each (combined and individually) that are received externally. Besides controlling the battery, we also provide the dashboards that are necessary to monitor such a hybrid system.


This project has not been finalized. We project that the park will have 41.552 solar panels, with a capacity of 12MW. The battery will have a capacity of 5MW. Together, these installations can provide 4.340 households with electricity per year, leading to a reduction of 7.995.200 kg of CO2 emissions per year!

At Solarfields, we try to make the world a better place using renewable energy. Collaborating with innovative parties like Spectral is crucial so that we can maximize the amount of renewable energy on the grid and reduce carbon emissions.
Harry Hendriks
Technical Project Manager
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