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Spectral partners with GIGA Storage to optimize and steer the large-scale, GIGA Rhino, battery – a 12 MW grid-connected battery provided by NEC. The GIGA Rhino battery will be the most powerful energy storage project in the Netherlands with the storage capacity of the annual electricity consumption of 5,000 households. Spectral will be implementing a Smart Energy Control System (SECS) – which is a sophisticated smart energy platform that optimizes the performance of the battery and facilitates integration with the electricity markets and deliver ancillary services to the grid.
DATE June 2020

The GIGA Rhino battery system will be located at the Wageningen University & Research test center in Lelystad next to the Neushoorntocht wind farm. Once installed it will be the most powerful battery storage installation in the Netherlands. The GIGA Rhino battery will be controlled to maximize the local production of renewable energy sources which are installed behind the same connection point to Tennet’s high voltage grid. With its 12 MW of power, the GIGA Rhino battery system will have a significant impact on our national grid stabilization and will make an important contribution to reducing CO2 emissions.

Over the coming years, the site will grow into one of the largest hybrid renewable + storage power plants in the world, with a total of 120 MW of solar and 138 MW of wind. The battery will also be coupled with different energy and capacity markets to facilitate ancillary services, balancing the national electricity grid.


Giga Storage selected Spectral to be the end-to-end system integrator and smart energy platform provider for this project, which is the launching project for Giga Storage and the first of many. With the implementation of Spectral’s SECS platform, the performance of the GIGA Rhino battery will be optimized while making the connection with the electricity markets to deliver to several energy markets and ancillary services. By integrating with the GIGA-Cloud platform, the market pricing forecast will further optimize the revenues generated by the GIGA Rhino battery.

After the integration of GIGA Rhino, Spectral provided platforms that optimizes the performance of the batteries and facilitates integration with the electricity markets for more than 40% of the batteries in the Netherlands, thereby taking a nationally prominent role in this market segment.


As the energy transition moves forward the need for flexibility is paramount for market parties like grid companies and energy retailers. Energy assets, such as large scale grid-connected batteries, when intelligently steered and connected with the different energy markets, can make the difference by rapidly responding to price signals and network conditions. These smart energy services are making a positive impact on our (inter)national electricity grid by contributing to fossil fuel phase-out and enabling higher penetration of renewable energy sources.

GIGA Storage Rhino Battery
“The GIGA Rhino battery is our first flagship project and we are already preparing the next one. To realize these kinds of high tech renewable energy projects we need innovative and market-leading partners to team up with. Spectral has proven to be an international frontrunner in this segment and we are pleased to have them on board as the end-to-end systems and smart energy platform integrator. We are looking forward to establishing a long term and impactful partnership with Spectral.”
Ruud Nijs
CEO at GIGA Storage

Julian Croker

Power Systems Engineer

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