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Greenchoice: Building Optimization for Rotterdam Headquarters

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Improving sustainability, comfort, and saving energy

Greenchoice, a renewable energy provider, is a well-known initiator of sustainable projects, focusing on initiatives that promote environmental responsibility. As a trusted partner, Spectral was asked to help make Greenchoice’s own offices more sustainable by implementing BRIGHTER. Interestingly, this is the first time that a building tenant approached us to ask to implement our software.


December 2022 - Present





Throughout our collaboration with Greenchoice, we have built impactful projects together, like at De Dijken, Zwanendal, BECC, and Hellegatsplein, making use of our STELLAR platform. This particular project, however, uses our BRIGHTER expertise instead. In 2022, Greenchoice approached Spectral with the request to help them make their office more efficient.



We connected to the existing BMS, implemented sensors to fill out the blind spots, gathered historical data for the building, gathered extra information like weather forecasts for this particular location, and integrated all equipment into one controllable set of installations. We trained our algorithms to figure out when and how to control equipment for the optimum results.



Our implementation vastly improved the indoor climate in the offices, and made the Greenchoice offices a lot more efficient: on average, 23,4% was saved on heat consumption. That doesn’t only lead to sustainability gains for us all, but also fits nicely into the Greenchoice identity of using renewables as efficiently as possible.

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Sebastiaan Voskens

Business Manager for BRIGHTER

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