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Piloting a Community of 33 Energy-Neutral Buildings in The Hague, and Making it Scalable and Reproductible for the Rest of the Neighborhood

In the city of Den Hague, the Vruchtenbuurt is a mixed neighborhood of old and recently built homes. This neighbourhood has the ambition to be as close to climate-neutral as possible by 2030. Inside of this ambitious neighborhood is the Groene Mient, a community of 33 buildings that serve as a pilot for building knowledge and the identification of challenges in the transition to energy-neutral smart buildings. This is a STELLAR project.


March 2020 – Present





The creation of a local energy community that is scalable to the complete neighborhood of Vruchterbuurt, which utilizes the full potential of this local energy community. Building a smart grid to create demand-side flexibility and contribute to the energy infrastructure by using ‘surpluses’. Development of a sustainable, social, autonomous organizational structure of a local energy community. Lastly, broadening understanding and enriching knowledge on local energy communities by the creation of scalable and reproducible case studies.



This is a STELLAR project. The first phase, in which the Groene Mient was established with smart assets and energy could be aggregated, finished last winter. The next phase implies the scaling of 30 to 300 homes, and eventually to 3000. With the further development of the Smart communities platform we hope to connect even more communities.



This project enabled us to further strengthen our experience and insights in the Smart Community Platform. Additionally, we found new ways for grid management, and services for the community and DSO.

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Stefan Kop

Energy Consultancy Team Lead

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