Hartel II

Largest wind-powered battery in the Netherlands scales up the energy transition

The largest wind-powered battery storage system in the Netherlands will be officially unveiled tomorrow along the Hartel canal, near the port of Rotterdam. In a country where windmill technologies were once pioneered to reclaim land from the sea, Dutch innovators are today pioneering systems that harness the region’s plentiful wind resources to power a 21st century energy system that is both stable and clean. The 10MW mega battery in Hartel is connected to a 24MW wind farm to create a fully renewables-based power plant that relies on smart technologies to support the broader energy grid.
PARTNERS Greenchoice
DATE June 2019

Spectral has been commissioned by leading Dutch sustainable energy provider, Greenchoice, to implement a mission-critical energy control system to optimize the largest wind-coupled battery system in the Netherlands.


The 10MW / 10MWh battery system is connected with a 24 MW wind farm consisting of 8 turbines. Spectral’s energy management solution ensures that the wind and battery assets are coordinated in unison to deliver ancillary services to the Dutch TSO, Tennet, as well as to facilitate portfolio optimization for Greenchoice based on market price forecasts.


Spectral’s Smart Grid Platform, which when integrated with Greener batteries, will provide realtime insights into battery performance, automate distribution FCR capacity, and automate messaging to Tennet. Spectral then steers battery and wind farm production with energy market requirements, keeping levels within set points, supports imbalance trading, and automate grid connection import/export contractual compliance. everything.

“As we shut down the coal and gas power plants, we will need to coordinate millions of distributed energy systems, such as rooftop solar, wind, and batteries, in order to ensure that electricity can be supplied with the same level of reliability that we’re accustomed to. The solution we’ve implemented at Hartel is a prime example of this working principle – we control the batteries and wind turbines in unison, adding a layer of intelligence which allows the combined system to positively contribute to the balance of the broader European network.”
Philip Gladek
CEO of Spectral
“Along the Hartel canal we have 8 wind turbines which together produce an average of 68 GWh of green electricity per year. When it’s very windy, there is a lot of supply, and when there is insufficient demand in those time periods, the wind turbines might have to be turned down in order to prevent oversupply in the system. Using the batteries, we can keep the wind turbines running to prevent sustainable energy from being wasted. The wind energy can be stored in the batteries and delivered to the energy network at a later time. On top of that, the battery system can deliver smart energy services which help keep the European network in balance at 50Hz.”
Maurice Koenen
Manager of sourcing and portfolio management at Greenchoice
Philip Gladek
Founder & CEO/CTO
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