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Hessenpoort: A Congested Business Park

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Generating Electricity Despite Congested Feed-In

In Zwolle, business owners faced the challenge of a congested grid for generated electricity: valuable renewable energy wasn’t being used because it couldn’t all be transported. With our combined consulting services and the STELLAR Energy Control module, we helped the businesses make the best of an unfortunate situation: they can now transport more electricity than before.


April 2023 - present





At the Hessenpoort industrial business park, leading companies generate their own energy using solar panels. The grid is congested, however, for the feed-in of electricity, which means that businesses either do not get a contract to supply electricity to the grid at all or are given a limited amount of transport capacity.



We have analyzed the situation. We looked at the substation load profile and compared it to the generation profile, growth scenarios, and local electricity demand. In this way, we determined the peak times at which power from the local grid would need to be fed into the grid beyond the substation. We advised the consortium of businesses on assets like batteries.



We supported the businesses at the park in obtaining an experimental pilot contract: a specific contract with the grid operator that allows the firms to collaborate and supply as much renewable energy as possible within the constraints of the grid. In practice, this means that energy generation is dynamically curtailed when generation limits are exceeded. In addition, we have also deployed our STELLAR dashboard, which shows near-time generation and usage on both the individual business level and the level of the collective. Our work at Hessenpoort has enabled businesses to deliver more renewable energy to the grid, helps make the grid more stable by curtailing when necessary, helps businesses have better returns on their investment in solar panels, minimized carbon emissions, and has done all of these things in a congested area.


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