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Lincolnpark: A Congested Neighborhood

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Determining the Impact of a Newly Built Neighborhood on Net Congestion and Deciding on a Futureproof Strategy

Like in many other places in the world, it is hard to get a connection to the electricity network in the Haarlemmermeer area, because the existing infrastructure is being stretched to its limit. Net congestion is making it harder to issue new connections to newly constructed developments. At the same time, there is a growing need for housing and commercial real estate. How can we make sure Lincolnpark, a planned development that will contain 1600-1800 residential homes and several utilities, will have electricity while limiting its impact on the net? This is a Grid Edge Consulting project.


January 2022 - May 2022




Due to a severely congested net, large connections to the electricity net (“grootverbruikaansluitingen” of more than 3x80A) cannot be obtained in the Haarlemmermeer area. Since tenders for several utilities (such as a supermarket and a gym) possibly start pending in a year, alternatives had to be determined. Besides that, the distribution system operator, Liander, wanted to gain insight into the impact of this neighborhood on their – already stretched – infrastructure, in particular their substation.



This is a Grid Edge Consulting project. We researched the possibilities of using smaller connections (“kleinverbruikaansluitingen”). In a joint effort with the municipality, we mapped the future situation and the expected electricity demand in the area, considering heating without gas and the predicted increase in electric vehicles. Based on this prospected future energy demand, we cooperated with Liander to determine the main challenges for their infrastructure. Together, we proposed a few alternatives on how to lower grid impact.



We provided the municipality with input for their tender process on how to suffice with a small grid connection, as well as recommendations for heating and how to lower peak demand, making sure the impact of Lincolnpark on the existing net congestion would be minimized.

At Lincolnpark, Spectral helped the municipality of Haarlemmermeer by deciphering the extent of the net congestion. Using their expertise, Spectral looked into possible solutions to make sure the development in the area could continue despite the capacity issues on the network.

Bart van Eijk, projectleider Lincolnpark gemeente Haarlemmermeer

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