Merin portfolio

Gathering a whole portfolio’s worth of data and automatically controlling their climate systems

With the entire Merin portfolio onboarded to our basic Smart Building Platform package, we have upgraded to now automatically controlling the buildings’ climate systems, saving even more energy in the process. By controlling these 18 buildings, we have reduced gas and heat usage by 20% and electricity by 3%, while maintaining or improving the working environment.
DATE 2018 – Present

Making sure 18 buildings in different locations, with varying installations and BMSes will be as efficient as possible while remaining comfortable for their users.


Our aim was to get the BMSes connected and have data coming into our system as soon as possible. This allowed us to start analyzing the data. We also made sure to plan our first (on-site) pre-functional check early on. This allowed us to prioritize buildings based on data and possible maintenance needs.


Autonomous, intelligently controlled buildings that are comfortable, healthy, and waste no energy. We aim to save, on average, 20% on gas/heat. So far, in the pilot phase, the SBP helped save 40% on gas usage and 15% on electricity. Tenants noticed an improved indoor climate.

“Improving our tenants’ comfort is very important to us. The Spectral system contributes to that and even reduces the CO2 emissions of the offices.”
Ernst Frese
COO, Merin
Jan van Noordenne
Venture Director
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