a computer image of a human brain.

Operational Intelligence in the Built Environment

As a submission for the MOOI built environment subsidy, Spectral teamed up with almost 40 partners to create a demo of several living labs. This consortium’s mission is to give non-residential buildings the brains they need to be energy-efficient and able to cope with complexity and flexibility. This is a Grid Edge Consulting and BRIGHTER project.


March 2020 – Present




Smart buildings, which are energy-efficient and flexible, are usually steered by temperature and climate data, measured by sensors. Yet, in this project, users provide the system with the data. This unconventional method redefines the role of users within the system. This interaction will be facilitated by the development of a mobile application.



This is a joint project between BRIGHTER and Grid Edge Consulting. In close collaboration with our research partners, we will design and build an application that will retrieve feedback from its users. This application will be closely linked to the BRIGHTER Platform, which will steer the relevant assets based on user input. Next, the application will be tested in buildings owned by NSI. Lastly, the test data will be analyzed as well as the feedback of our users, to assess the success of the project and the usability and design of the application.



By the end of this project we wish to have further developed the Brighter platform to include user feedback.

This project was made possible by support from the MOOI subsidy scheme.

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Business Manager for BRIGHTER

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