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MOOI LIFE Arenapoort Local Energy Platform

To Prevent Developments in the Fast-Developing Arenapoort From Being Halted, a Local Energy Platform Will Alleviate the Strain on the Grid

ArenApoort is one of the busiest and fastest developing areas in the Netherlands, incorporating many modern energy technologies in its development, from E-bus charging stations and large-scale battery systems to medium-temperature heat networks and rooftop solar PV systems. It, therefore, provides the perfect context to develop new ways of smartly managing energy flows. The LIFE project aims to control these systems to provide grid congestion relief for the soon-to-be overstrained power grid, by creating a multi-energy platform in which the flexibility of a wide range of technologies is aggregated and steered. In doing so, a valuable new solution for catalyzing the Dutch energy transition is created.


July 2019 – Present




The Amsterdam ArenApoort combines residences, entertainment, commerce, and office spaces in one area. With up to 250.000 visitors a day, the local grid connection has been experiencing high peaks. The high energy demand is combined with an increase in sustainable mobility, locally produced clean energy, and local heat networks. Add to that the challenge of engaging all residents, visitors, and business owners to this sustainable goal, and the need for technical, economical, and social innovation becomes clear. It also shows why the ArenApoort is a perfect context to develop new ways of smartly managing energy flows that can be duplicated elsewhere.



This is a STELLAR project. In this project, a powerful combination of grid operator (Liander), system integrator (Spectral), and knowledge provider (TU Delft) will work together to develop the technical solution: a multi-market energy platform that will use the topology of the grid to optimize power flows. The goal is to create an energy management system that reduces peak loads and maximizes market revenues. Other partners such as AMS, the municipality of Amsterdam, the University of Utrecht, and the Johan Cruyff ArenA are involved to come up with user-friendly solutions that increase the participation of the local end-users of the power grid.



During the 4 years that the project will last, several work packages will be executed that focus on setting up the technical systems on the one hand and increasing user participation on the other hand. The platform will help accelerate the energy transition in a few ways. Firstly, we will develop easier ways of incorporating sustainable energy generation. Next to that, the business model for sustainable initiatives will be improved by adding value to flexibility. Thirdly, the current energy infrastructure will be optimized and peak load will be reduced by as much as 20 to 40 percent. Lastly, the district will be supplied with locally generated energy (both electricity and heat).

On successful implementation of the project, the ArenApoort district and the Netherlands as a whole will have gained a useful tool in its energy transition toolbox that allows for continued development of its power system while being less constrained by grid capacity issues.

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Stefan Kop

Energy Consultancy Team Lead

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