Optimizing production processes

Nieuwestroom, a Dutch energy supplier, operates as a Balance Responsible Party (BRP), a company that may handle the balance responsibility for electrical production and consumption units and trades actual electricity. This responsibility is enabled by STELLAR, which seamlessly connects Nieuwestroom’s on-site wind turbines and solar arrays to the cloud. By strategically switching turbines on and off in response to energy prices, STELLAR effectively curtails production in response to actual energy demand on the market.







As a crucial bridge between Nieuwestroom’s advanced software and the material goods on site, STELLAR plays a central role. On the one hand, the platform effectively receives and carefully processes cut plans for Nieuwestroom’s diverse portfolio. On the other hand, the platform shines through its versatility as it seamlessly integrates with a variety of wind farm and solar equipment manufacturers, demonstrating its compatibility and adaptability for a wide range of industry players. This dual functionality underscores STELLAR’s importance in ensuring streamlined operations and comprehensive interfaces, ultimately contributing to Nieuwestroom’s operational efficiency and industry-wide collaboration.



STELLAR integrates various wind farms and solar installations. It is agnostic to turbines and inverters and supports the integration of wind turbines from a wide range of manufacturers. Moreover, it enables a web-based method for monitoring energy production, monitoring the turbine, and visualizing energy output.



The complexity of interfacing and implementing advanced control logic for different types of assets remains hidden to Nieuwestroom, allowing them to focus on what they do best with dynamic energy optimization with STELLAR. 

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