Optimizing production processes

As a Balance Responsible Party (BRP), Nieuwestroom’s solution optimizes production based on dynamic pricing. Spectral provides the platform that serves as the interface between Nieuwestroom’s solutions and the physical wind turbines and solar installations on site. Spectral’s platform is called Reflex, and it controls production by curtailing and de-curtailing turbines based on the price of energy.







Reflex is the intermediary between Nieuwestroom’s software and the physical assets on site. On one end the Reflex platform receives and processes curtailment schedules for the entire Niewuestroom portfolio. On the other end the platform should also be able to integrate with a wide range of wind farm and solar plant manufacturers.



The Reflex platform is a collection of cloud services that integrates various wind farms and solar installations. It is agnostic to turbines and inverters and supports the integration of wind turbines from a wide range of manufacturers. It also enables a web-based method for monitoring energy production, monitoring the turbine, and visualizing energy output.



The complexity of interfacing and implementing advanced control logic for different types of assets remains hidden to Nieuwestroom, allowing them to focus on what they do best.

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