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NSI Office Portfolio: Eliminating Energy Waste and Improving Indoor Climate

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Combining Different Buildings, Installations, and Building Management Systems Into One Central Software Platform

By onboarding the majority of their real estate portfolio onto BRIGHTER, NSI gains greater insights into the performance of their assets and is able to report KPIs to their shareholders and other stakeholders. Furthermore, NSI has contracted Spectral to onboard 26 large office buildings onto BRIGHTER Building Optimization in order to eliminate energy waste and improve indoor climate conditions.


January 2021 - Present





Transitioning to energy-efficient buildings is a paramount challenge in the Dutch energy transition, as buildings account for approximately 40% of total energy usage, and are a significant source of greenhouse gas emissions. As part of their collaboration with NSI, Spectral was tasked with the challenge of not only automating the collection of building data from a diverse set of sources, but also to optimize the control of 26 office buildings  which differ greatly in size, building year, surface area and type of climate systems.



This is a BRIGHTER project. Our first step was to collect and upload a large amount of data from NSI’s total portfolio, including automation of data ingestion from smart meters. In parallel, Spectral installed smart sensors within NSI’s offices and connected BMSs in order to analyze data regarding climate conditions and the performance of climate installation. After conducting extensive functional tests to ensure that all of the climate installations were working properly, Spectral launched the operation of BRIGHTER Building Optimization in order to optimize building energy efficiency and improve indoor climate conditions.



As an outcome of the project, NSI is able to analyze and report data regarding the resource efficiency of the real estate portfolio. Furthermore, the buildings which were onboarded to BRIGHTER Building Control have achieved an average reduction of 24% in annual gas / heating usage , including fewer climate complaints from tenants. These results translate into a highly positive business case for NSI, happy tenants, and a huge reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.


This project was made possible by support from the RVO DEI subsidy scheme.

“The first step to saving is to combat waste. Spectral’s Smart Building Platform helps us to make our tenants’ buildings more efficient, more sustainable, and more comfortable.”

Jeroen Solleveld, Head of Technical Asset Management at NSI

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