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Nuveen Dutch Industrial Portfolio

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Collecting Sustainability and Energy Data for Single-Tenant Buildings

As a real estate owner, having insight into building consumption data is of increasing importance. Therefore, Nuveen needs a solution to facilitate data collection and analysis for its European Industrial Portfolio. BRIGHTER enables Nuveen to automate the collection of energy data and gain insights into, and control over the resource consumption performance of their Dutch industrial portfolio.


October 2021 - Present





An industrial portfolio like Nuveen’s poses an operational challenge – in single-tenant buildings, the data is owned by the tenant. Besides this data access challenge, we are asked to provide a central space for all kinds of building data, so that Nuveen can actively monitor its sustainability efforts.



This is a BRIGHTER project. The first step in this whole process is to gather the data. That means getting authorization from all tenants. We supported Nuveen in this process by providing a format and by providing support. Thanks to collaborative tenants, we completed that first challenge. After that, we imported data from the entire Dutch industrial portfolio into BRIGHTER. The types of data we imported are electricity, gas, and water usage, but also building metadata like the year of construction, its function, and gross floor area. All those numbers provide us with the ability to build a data warehouse.



So far, Nuveen has already been able to use BRIGHTER for their GRESB reporting. And that’s just the start!

We have opted for Spectral’s software because it gives us the opportunity to get a quick and clear picture of the energy consumption within our portfolio. The resulting analyses have a positive impact on the performance of our portfolio. Simple reporting to GRESB is the finishing touch for us.

Daan van der Veen, Nuveen Director Investment & Porftolio Management Benelux

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Sebastiaan Voskens

Business Manager for BRIGHTER

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