Open VPP

Creating a working open virtual power plant that can be used to deliver flexibility services in the market

During this DEI+ (Demonstratie Energie- en Klimaatinnovatie) subsidy project an open virtual power plant (VPP) is created.
PARTNERS Greenchoice, Greener Mobility Solutions B.V., Fraunhofer ITWM, Prosoldiga B.V. and VvE Schoonschip
DATE July 2020 – present

Small energy assets, like residential heat pumps or PV can not be connected to the energy markets. Yet, the sum of all those assets is substantial and should be able to provide energy services. This project bundles assets of several projects within the Spectral portfolio. A challenge that arises when those assets are steered to participate in energy services, is that each asset has individual capacities and expectations. E.g. the use of heat pumps as flexible assets, must not diminish the primary purpose of those assets, namely the provision of heat.


We develop the platform and software which allow us to trade services on those assets on the markets. Yet, to guarantee that the end-users of those assets is not compromised by this novel development, we closely collaborate with residents of Schoonschip, a local energy community in Amsterdam. During resident participation meetings, inhabitants of Schoonship provide feedback on the systems and can express their desires.


To be revealed as time goes on!

Geert Litjens
Energy Consultant
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