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Physicus Life Science Real Estate: One-Stop Data Analysis

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Reducing carbon dioxide emissions via ESG Data Management

Physicus Life Science Real Estate is a commercial real estate company that invests in life science properties in identified target markets across Europe. It is a joint venture between investment firm TPG Real Estate and experienced asset manager Base Investments. This is a BRIGHTER project.

Spectral helps asset manager Base Investments to optimize its sustainability goals with more efficient data services and analytics for Physicus’ Life Science Real Estate’s pan-European platform. Our product, ESG Data Management, is critical to achieving these goals. Our platform is one of the most comprehensive real estate platforms on the market, and consists of a number of product modules that can be combined to create a seamless user experience with an intuitive user interface.



September 2022-present





Base Investments requires resource data for reporting purposes and to gain better insight into the energy performance of the property for potential improvement plans. Resource data primarily comes from tenants, which is notoriously difficult to obtain due to time and privacy constraints. BRIGHTER can automatically capture this information, enabling efficient and time-saving reporting and streamlining sustainability initiatives. 



Data about the client’s and the building’s energy sources are automatically collected and analyzed for optimized use and deployment.  This is done to optimize buildings, reduce energy consumption and thus also reduce CO2 emissions.



Our solution saves Base Investments time by giving them better access to usage data of all utilities and analytics on a single, customized platform with previously inaccessible data. 


The Spectral platform gives us more insight and controls the energy consumption of our assets. This allows us to take targeted measures to reduce carbon emissions and further optimize our portfolio. We look forward to further cooperation with Spectral to implement the SBP in Belgium and Germany as well.

Jelle Bader, technical director, Base Investments/Physicus

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Sebastiaan Voskens

Business Manager for BRIGHTER

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