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Tractieweg - Increasing Sustainable Energy Consumption

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Increasing the Consumption of Renewable Energy Over Fossil Fuels at Tractieweg, Utrecht

The sustainability goals of the Municipality of Utrecht included a switch to future proof and energy-positive buildings within their own portfolio. This is a Grid Edge Consulting project.


March 2020 – December 2020





The industrial terrain Tractieweg has several purposes, including storage, a garage and gas station for the municipality’s fleet, offices, and a workshop. The challenge for this lot was to increase the percentage of energy consumption that was directly produced by renewable sources.



This is a Grid Edge Consulting project. To start with, we focused on possible reductions based on the current and prospective future data. We then analyzed the potential for renewable energy generation and sustainable heating. Sustainable heating might be a solution in the future as it accounts for an increase in electricity demand. The final stage of our research included the integration of smart control and the capacity for local flexibility.



Our analysis showed that the reduction potential at the Tractieweg was 2% of its total consumption. Additionally, sustainable heating, with heat pumps will increase the total electricity demand, but can increase the direct use of electricity produced by PV. Demand management with the use of a building management system and smart charging could increase the use of renewable energy by 3%. Lastly, the integration of battery storage within the system could increase renewable energy consumption by 9-17%.

We are proud to provide the municipality of Utrecht with Dutch renewable energy in close collaboration with out smart energy partner Spectral. Our mission is to speed up the energy transition and work towards a country that is always using renewables. The only we can achieve that is by collaborating with parties like the City of Utrecht.

Marieke van den Hoek, Commercial Director, Greenchoice

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