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Wind Curtailment for Pure Energie

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Automated Curtailment for Pure Energie's Total Wind Portfolio

Introducing our state-of-the-art Automated Curtailment module, an integral part of the advanced platform STELLAR. This innovative solution was implemented to enhance the wind energy portfolio of Pure Energie. Pure Energie is a leading retailer and developer of renewable energy in the Netherlands. Their commitment to sustainable energy is highlighted by a current wind portfolio of more than 200 MW. Going forward, the portfolio will be further expanded and the company’s position as a major player in the renewable energy sector will be consolidated.


May 2022 - Present





In the field of renewable energy integration, the rise of green energy sources is leading to a corresponding increase in balancing costs. This trend increases the likelihood of negative price scenarios occurring in the energy market. Simultaneously, distribution system operators (DSOs) grapple with the increasing complexity of grid congestion management. Navigating this intricate challenge involves two key fronts. Firstly, enhancing trading practices for optimization, and secondly, bolstering the efficiency of local grid management. A potent solution emerges through the strategic use of curtailment—a temporary measure involving intentional wind turbine shutdown. This dynamic approach is positioned to play a pivotal role in mastering these intricate energy dynamics.



This is a STELLAR project. In collaboration Pure Energie’s trading team and the involved OEM parties, Spectral will enable cloud-to-cloud connectivity with the wind turbines. The assets will be connected to our STELLAR platform. As of that moment, our energy management system will steer the wind turbines in a fully automated way for curtailment.



The automated curtailment service will yield revenue (or avoid costs) for every wind farm that’s connected to our platform. Once all the wind parks are connected, Pure Energie will be able to optimize its full wind portfolio. This will further increase the yield through strategic curtailment leveraging.

With 200 MW of wind capacity, 200.000 households can simultaneously be provided with renewable energy.

an aerial view of several wind turbines in a field.
a large field with a windmill in the distance.
an aerial view of several wind turbines in a field.
a large field with a windmill in the distance.

At Pure Energie, we like to partner with like-minded and innovative partners that strengthen our current and future value propositions for our customers. Spectral is one of those partners and we are happy to have them on board in our ecosystem.

Joost Frank, Business Unit Manager Trading at PureEnergie

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