Ymere POC


In May 2018, the Triple B consortium, which includes Spectral, LENS, and Ymere, launched a real-world pilot to explore opportunities for empowering local energy communities to take control of their own energy supply and to actively participate in the market. According to Article 16 of the upcoming EU Clean Energy Package, energy communities should be able to: “…own community networks and autonomously manage them [and] to access all organized markets.” With the upcoming regulatory changes, the increasingly important role of energy communities, and the growing demand for sustainable and affordable energy for prosumers, new market mechanisms are required. As a result, Triple B is developing innovative business models that leverage the latest capabilities of smart energy technology to allow energy communities to actively trade on the energy markets, while using shared assets such as PV and batteries to keep their collective supply and demand in balance.
DATE May 2018
Tom Westra
Co-Founder & CCO
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