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Blijburg is a beach complex located in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, consisting of several restaurants and an events space. Spectral was responsible for the design and implementation of an advanced microgrid for optimizing energy efficiency and savings at Blijburg. Our Smart Power Block ensures that all of their solar energy is consumed in-house, while managing their peak power demand to enable using a smaller grid connection. Blijburg is also equipped with an advanced VRV heat pump system which allows the waste heat from their beer coolers and refrigerators to be used for heating needs. Not only does Blijburg achieve huge savings over the course of the project, but also large reductions in CO2 emissions.


Schoonschip is a community of 46 households that is being constructed in Buiksloterham, a neighborhood on the north side of Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The community has the ambition to be the most sustainable residential development in Europe, aiming to re-envision the way we approach urban development. Schoonschip is the focal point for the Grid-Friends project, an innovative R&D initiative geared towards setting a new standard in smart-grid technology. Spectral is currently leading the implementation of the smart-grid infrastructure, energy storage, and renewable energy systems at Schoonschip.


Spectral was recently commissioned by Waternet to contribute to realizing the ambitious goals for their ground-breaking sanitation pilot in Amsterdam. For the first time ever, Waternet is building a (decentralized) neighborhood-scale sanitation facility which will treat and extract nutrients from organic waste streams collected from local residents in Buiksloterham. Spectral is responsible for engineering the local renewable energy production, storage, and control systems which will manage the operations and ensure 100% uptime for Waternet’s innovative sanitation facility.


As a system integrator, Spectral specializes in developing integrated hardware and software solutions tailored to the specific needs of any application. Spectral was recently commissioned by Dutch research institute TNO to design and build customized energy storage solutions for their new, high-tech Hybrid Energy System Integration (HESI) Lab in Groningen. The energy storage systems which were delivered by Spectral were specifically designed for use in smart-grid research projects, modularity, and easy mobility around the lab. The systems were presented at the HESI lab opening event on January 31st, 2017.


Throughout 2016, Spectral was subcontracted by Dutch research institute Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica to participate in EIT-MMGS, a project focused on developing innovative solutions for the off-grid microgrid market. Spectral’s role in the project centered around the development of two specific products: a portable PV array for easily expanding production capacity within the microgrid, and an integral energy management system for intelligently steering supply, storage, and demand assets. Spectral was responsible for designing and prototyping the modular microgrid systems, which are currently being prepared for broader market rollout.


Spectral was hired by Dutch energy supplier Eneco to create a customized solution for collecting high resolution energy data from their customers. Spectral designed and delivered the embedded microelectronics for plug-and-play data collection, as well as the software behind storing and visualizing the data streams. Beyond developing the custom hardware and software solutions, Spectral was also responsible for integrating the systems at various customer locations, providing a complete end-to-end, turn-key service for Eneco.

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