Spectral Energy Exchange

Spectral Energy Exchange

SPEX harnesses the capabilities of blockchain technology to provide a transparent and robust transaction system for automated negotiation and settlement of energy and flexibility trading. The platform features seamless integration with existing smart-metering infrastructure, real-time energy visualizations and billing, and advanced algorithms that optimize trading strategies based on user preferences.

As we transition away from a fossil-fuel driven, centralized structure, towards a renewables-based, decentralized energy system, new market mechanisms are needed to ensure that the growing number of distributed energy producers have open and fair market access. Spectral’s energy exchange platform empowers individuals, businesses, and communities to actively participate in the energy market in order to maximize the value of their distributed energy resources and to gain greater control of their own energy supply.

SPEX offers members the freedom to choose how their energy is managed and sourced. They can opt to buy only locally produced renewable energy, or trade their excess PV power directly with their neighbors. Participants can also generate additional revenues by deploying the flexibility of their heat pump, battery, or EV charger to deliver smart energy services. Using the online interface, users can quickly configure their trading preferences and SPEX takes care of the rest.

Trading agents manage offers and bids, which are automatically matched by the platform based on user’s settings. Members have complete transparency into with whom, when, and at what price their energy was traded. By eliminating the middle-man and offering a more efficient framework for energy trading and administration, SPEX not only enables significant savings on energy costs, it also allows participants to play an active role in contributing to the evolution of a more robust, renewable, and efficient energy sector.

Key Features

Lower energy costs overall — Additional revenue streams from flex trading
Easy configuration of user preferences — Smart contracts


Greater insight into real-time performance of your energy system — Smart algorithms that identify optimization and savings opportunities


Detailed oversight of energy costs and revenues based on real-time data — Quick management of invoices and secure portal for payments



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