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Buildings contribute to 40% of the total energy use within the energy sector, representing one of the major leverage points in accelerating the transition towards 100% renewable energy supply. Currently, even buildings that are equipped with advanced building management systems are operated very inefficiently when it comes to their heating, ventilation, and cooling (HVAC) systems, resulting in huge amounts of wasted energy and greenhouse gas emissions. With increasingly stringent regulations for building energy performance across Europe (and globally), Spectral’s Smart Building Platform is equipped to help real estate owners gain greater oversight over their complete portfolio and to transform their buildings into smart, sustainable assets that are fit for future.

The Smart Building Platform (SBP) is one of the most comprehensive real estate platforms available on the market. It consists of a number of product modules which can be stacked to offer a seamless user experience via the SBP’s intuitive user interface. The automated building control module enables real-time. At its core, the SBP’s automated building control module enables real-time, predictive optimization of buildings to significantly improve energy efficiency and comfort levels. Add-ons include electricity, gas, and heat submetering systems, including real-time data visualizations to enable complete oversight of building energy flows. The SBP can be further extended with the environmental sensing package, including installation of sensor clusters which track air quality and comfort levels in each room or building zone.

With its advanced data analytics tools, the SBP goes beyond just energy to support the diverse needs of real-estate owners in getting a better grasp on building performance and setting KPIs to achieve sustainability goals. Portfolio-wide benchmarking, financial analytics, and automated reporting are just some of the features available with customized content access for different user roles, including fund, sustainability, and technical property managers. The SBP enables real-estate owners to tackle their reporting and regulatory compliance needs as well as to participate in global real-estate benchmarking programs, including GRESB.

Core Value Propositions

Fully Automated Smart Building Control

Through integration with the existing building management system (BMS) or via direct control of devices such as heat pumps, air handling units, and boilers, the SBP actively controls the building’s HVAC systems to ensure maximal efficiency and comfort are achieved. Predictive algorithms and AI-driven forecasts continuously analyze building data and weather trends in order to optimize control settings, resulting in up to 60% in savings on heating, ventilation, and cooling (HVAC) energy usage. The SBP is technology-agnostic and is capable of connecting with any third-party Building Management System (BMS) which supports industry communication standards (such as BACNet and Modbus).

Energy Submetering

The SBP can be integrated with existing submetering systems (if in place), and otherwise Spectral’s team can deliver end to end submetering installation services for electricity, gas, and heat meters. The SBP submetering package supports BREEAM, LEED, and Well certification schemes which can contribute value to your real estate assets and act as a unique selling point for environmentally conscious tennants. As part of the submetering package, the SBP is able to visualize real-time data to provide deeper insights into energy flows within the building. Additionally, the submetering data can be used to enable billing of tenants based on their actual measured energy usage.

Environmental Sensing

The SBP can be extended with an environmental sensing package which allows for complete oversight of comfort levels within the building. Each room or building zone can be equipped with one of Spectral’s sensor clusters which include temperature, humidity, CO2, VOC, light quality, and occupancy measurements. Streaming data from the sensors is mapped onto a building information model within the SBP’s user interface which visualizes environmental conditions in real-time. Installation is quick and easy – the sensor clusters are fully wireless and battery powered with up to four years runtime before batteries need to be recharged.

Data Analytics

The SBP comes equipped with a wide range of data analytics tools that enable real estate owners and facility managers to better understand what’s happening within individual buildings and across their entire building portfolio. Data collected from utility / main connection meters and energy pricing information is used to generate detailed financial analytics, including yearly budget forecasts and validation of monthly bills received from energy suppliers. Additional data regarding the buildings, such as energy label information and occupancy statistics, are used in benchmarking performance and setting KPI’s which are automatically visualized within the SBP’s user interface, including tracking of greenhouse gas emissions. The SBP supports a wide range of reporting functionalities, including raw data exports as well as automated submission of GRESB reports via an API.

Key Features


Self-learning, intelligent algorithms optimize the building’s efficiency and comfort while generating significant cost savings


Advanced tools give you the capabilities to analyze diverse data streams, benchmark performance, and auto-generate insightful reports


Integrated energy submetering and environmental sensing provide a complete overview of building conditions in real-time


The SBP can be connected with third party applications to enrich the platform and to allow access to all your data in one place


The SBP tracks ongoing operations and generates notifications (via e-mail / SMS) to identify abnormalities and support preventative maintenance

The SBP can connect to any BMS or directly to building devices via industry standard communication protocols


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