Spectral Smart-Grid Platform

Spectral Smart Grid Platform

Spectral’s SGP is an advanced energy management platform which enables fast and easy deployment of high performance smart-grids and asset control systems. Steer a single battery system or aggregate an entire portfolio of renewable energy sources – the SGP is adaptable to a wide range of applications. Intelligent algorithms can be deployed to provide key services to all stakeholders, from behind-the-meter customers to grid operators and utilities.

Using the latest industry technology, the SGP seamlessly integrates with energy storage devices, wind farms, PV plants, heat pumps, generators, and a wide range of other energy systems. Sophisticated monitoring, management, and optimization of the complete energy package ensure maximal asset lifespan, efficiency, and reliability. The SGP enables asset portfolios to be dispatched for the delivery of ancillary services, including frequency regulation. Combine multiple stacked energy services, including intraday trading and imbalance optimization in order to maximize revenues. The SGP supports seamless integrations with third party software services via a range of available API connections.

The SGP can be configured for mission-critical grid congestion management in neighborhood-scale and regional smart grid networks. Via its cutting-edge technology and high-availability design, the SGP enables highly robust, real-time management of supply and demand to ensure optimal utilization of existing infrastructure and protection of grid capacity limits.


Key Features

SGP supports a wide range of industry communication protocols to connect with and automate the control of diverse energy assets.

Send real-time setpoints and schedules via the SGP’s control API. Ancillary and wholesale markets access for energy traders.

Real-time data visualizations and reporting of system performance via an advanced 3D Digital Twin of each site, including built-in alerts and multi-channel notification systems.

SGP facilitates optimal decision-making strategies for asset and portfolio dispatch, including optimization across electrical and thermal energy systems

AI-driven forecasting, including energy demand and renewable generation. Flexible integration with third party forecasting services available.

SGP includes advanced algorithms to support a wide range of financial administration needs across smart-grid and energy services applications


Republica Microgrid

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Hartel II

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GIGA Storage – Rhino

Spectral partners with GIGA Storage to optimize and steer the large-scale, GIGA Rhino, battery – a 12 MW grid-connected battery provided by NEC. The GIGA Rhino battery will be the most powerful energy storage project in the Netherlands…
Tom Westra
Co-Founder & CCO
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