Do you have experience in software development and want to help drive the energy transition? Spectral, a system integration and smart energy services company in Amsterdam, is looking for a full-time developer to join the existing development team. If you can bring talent and enthusiasm, we can offer the opportunity to be a part of a game-changing team working on blockchain for peer-to-peer energy trading, high-performance microgrids, smart meter data analysis tools and much, much more.

Spectral develops technological solutions that unlock the value of energy storage, demand flexibility, and locally produced renewable energy, propelling the evolution of smart energy networks. Our mission is to accelerate the global transition towards 100% renewable, clean energy supply. We believe that one of the most urgent issues is to solve the challenges for providing for our energy needs in a sustainable way. Not only is access to energy essential for high quality of life, but virtually everything is reliant on an input of energy. Our long-term vision is to develop scalable solutions that will revolutionize the way we provide for all of our core resources, focusing on the key areas needed for leading a healthy and fruitful life: energy, water, sanitation, food, shelter, and resource recovery.



Spectral is seeking a talented software developer to join our core team. In line with the overall software architecture, you will collaborate with our software team across several key projects. The wide range of potential activities will include: back-end development, database and ORM implementation, building and testing communication interfaces, creating interactive data visualisations, integration with third-party systems, development of GUIs and front-end programming – to name a few.

Here are a couple of examples of the types of projects that you could be part of the implementation team for:

1) A smart community platform which aims to accelerate the transition towards bottom-up, resilient smart neighborhoods and cities. The main objective of the platform is to stimulate a local, circular, and sharing economy by facilitating intra and inter-community services. These local services will be enabled via the deployment of an advanced transaction system coupled to a (blockchain-based) alternative currency. Key functions of the platform include: automated billing / settlement systems, administering local energy exchange, enabling a car-sharing program, managing collective procurement of (locally grown) produce, facilitating a local marketplace for offered / desired products and services, and tools for supporting easy system administration.

2) A smart-grid platform which enables intelligent management of grid networks and distributed energy resources (DERs). The platform enables many DERs to be aggregated into a virtual power plant which can be deployed for provision of energy services, such as frequency regulation. This approach will allow for eventually replacing the function of large, centralized fossil fuel plants by using decentralized, local renewable energy systems. The total platform consists of numerous components and features, such as: embedded energy management systems, M2M communication interfaces, advanced control and optimization algorithms, physical / cyber security systems, user interfaces (both embedded and cloud-based), sensors and measurement systems, among others.

You should be passionate about applying technology to find optimal solutions and capable of adaptively working with different programming languages and frameworks. We need someone who has a high attention to detail, is a proactive problem solver and can work well in a dynamic, fast-paced environment. Most of all, we’re looking for someone who is highly motivated to join us on our mission and contribute their efforts to solving the complex challenges that humanity faces.

Our team is international. So fluency in written and spoken English is a must and Dutch language skills a definite bonus.

We work with a wide range of technologies, depending on what is most suitable for the problem at hand or, in certain cases, the existing technology that a client has already selected. So, we are looking for developers who can adapt rapidly to new challenges and are keen/quick to learn. Here are some examples of technologies that we’ve worked with previously:

  • Python with frameworks such as Flask
  • Javascript, HTML5, CSS
  • GitLab
  • MySQL
  • Linux, Windows
  • Automated test tools
  • Hardware and embedded systems (e.g. Arduino ESP)



An awesome multicultural and very ambitious entrepreneurial team and the chance to change the world for the better! You will be offered a market based, start-up infused salary for a 5 days / week commitment. The start date is flexible but could begin immediately.


Send your resume and motivation letter to: work@spectral.energy. We’re looking forward to your response and to meet you in person at our office in Amsterdam-Noord.

Meteorenweg 280
1035 RN Amsterdam
The Netherlands
+31 (0) 203690977