Do you have experience in software development and want to help drive the energy transition? Spectral, a system integration and smart energy services company in Amsterdam, is looking for a full-time Software Developer to join our growing team. If you can bring talent and enthusiasm, we can offer the opportunity to be a part of a game-changing team working on our Smart Building Platform.


Spectral develops technical solutions that help propel the evolution of smart energy networks. We are involved across the whole grid, whether it’s a community, building, energy farm, neighborhood, or all at the same time! Some areas we focus on include: improving asset efficiency, unlocking the value of energy storage, facilitating demand flexibility, and locally produced renewable energy. All to propel the evolution of smart energy networks and accelerate the global transition towards a 100% renewable, clean energy supply. We believe that one of the most urgent issues is to solve the challenges for providing for our energy needs in a sustainable way. You can find out more about Spectral’s mission and the team that you would be joining here.


Spectral is seeking a talented Software Developer to work on and eventually take ownership of our data platform. The role involves:

  • Architecting, provisioning and developing resilient, scalable and maintainable data pipeline services
  • Managing and further improving the infrastructure of the data platform
  • Taking on the DevOps responsibilities relating to the data platform and improving the monitoring and alerting solutions already in place
  • Collaborating with the various teams who rely on this platform
  • Developing the data platform roadmap and ensuring it is aligned with the wider stakeholders


You are passionate about applying technology to find optimal solutions and are comfortable working with a broad range of technologies and frameworks. You are a good communicator who can express complex technical ideas clearly to your technical peers. You have a solid theoretical and practical understanding of how software systems should be built. You should be opinionated but respect other people’s ideas and be open to new practices. You are highly motivated to contribute your skills and efforts to solving the complex challenges related to the energy transition.

You may be a fit for this role if you:

  • Have 3+ years’ relevant professional work experience
  • Want to work on a distributed data platform
  • Have experience with event driven systems
  • Have experience with DevOps and cloud infrastructure
  • Are interested in the energy domain
  • Are fluent in English

The following is some of the tech you would use at Spectral:

  • The data platform was originally built with Python but new services are being built with Go. Ideally you would know either Python or Go. However, languages can be learned: we care much more about your general engineering skill than knowledge of a particular language.
  • RabbitMQ, AMQP, MQTT
  • Postgres, TimescaledDB, SQL
  • Git
  • Keycloak (for machine-to-machine auth)
  • gRPC, Protobuf
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Kubernetes & Docker
  • Prometheus & Grafana

It’s not expected that you are an expert at all of the above. We hire candidates that have good foundations more so than those that have a strict overlap with our tech stack.


The data platform currently ingests approx. 200 messages per second from Spectral’s IoT devices. On top of that, a few thousand data points are pulled from third party APIs and ingested into the data platform every day. We expect the level of data being handled to grow significantly over the next few years.

We built the platform around the ingestion and enrichment of energy data. As Spectral grows, the data platform will also include other data beyond the energy domain. The majority of the platform’s activities support Spectral’s smart building product but future plans include expansion to support multiple products.

Google Kubernetes Engine, RabbitMQ, and TimescaleDB are the primary infrastructure technologies supporting this platform.


An awesome, multicultural, and very ambitious entrepreneurial team and the chance to change the world for the better using innovative software! The business is growing fast, and we have the privilege of working with front-running clients and partners on innovative and impactful projects.

This challenging opportunity will put you in an ambitious, international team, with space for your own ideas and for your personal development within a close-knit team that celebrates successes together.

No unnecessary hierarchy, but a team of like-minded individuals that are committed to making a lasting change in the energy landscape. You will be offered a competitive salary. We’ve got perks like free fruit, organic lunches at the office twice a week, fun weekly drinks, and many more.
The start date is flexible, but you could begin immediately.

Sounds good? Click the button below to apply. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

Kropaarstraat 12
1032 LA Amsterdam
The Netherlands