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May 10, 2021

Merin Partnership Expanded

Amsterdam – May 10, 2021

Since September 2018, real estate investor Merin and tech company Spectral have been working together to offer Merin tenants a higher level of comfort and also to achieve improved energy efficiency. The pilot phase went so well (tenants experience a better climate and 40% less gas and 15% less electricity were used!) that the two parties are now scaling up their partnership to 17 buildings.

Comfort is crucial

Reducing carbon emissions from office buildings is a critical part of Merin’s sustainability goals. The biggest priority, however, is to ensure tenant comfort is maintained throughout this process. By installing extra sensors that measure temperature and CO₂, comfort is monitored throughout the building. Based on that data, the software actively controls the climate installations.

How is so much saved and how is comfort increased?

By taking over the control of the installations with the active control module. Smart algorithms optimize the climate and prevent energy wastage because gas and electricity consumption becomes more efficient. Spectral’s BRIGHTER brings together the available data (sources) of the buildings. The platform provides insight into the (sustainability) performance for building owners. The software enriches the consumption data with weather forecasts, the occupancy rate, and other input. With all this data, the platform controls the installations in the buildings in a smart way and saves electricity and gas without costly interventions.

a laptop with a monitor showing data on the screen.
Image: BRIGHTER dashboard page

Ernst Frese, COO, Merin: “Increasing the comfort for our tenants is very important to us. The Spectral system contributes to this and it also reduces the CO₂ emissions of the offices.”

Jan van Noordenne, Venture Director, Spectral: “Autonomous, intelligently controlled buildings are becoming the global standard. And pioneers such as Merin contribute enormously to this.”

What are the plans for the future?

Merin and Spectral want the same thing: to accelerate the energy transition. That shared goal is a fertile ground for further innovation and collaboration.

Current buildings save 20% on gas and 4% on electricity based on Spectral’s current software offering. The software is constantly improving, so the impact will only increase. BRIGHTER will in any case be expanded with insight into climate adaptivity (the effect of climate change on portfolio (risk)), visualization and insight into waste raw material flows, and the option for customers to compile their own reports.

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