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Hines: Data Gathering and Control for Real Estate

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Access to Data and Insights for the Entire Dutch Portfolio

Until September 2022, real estate investor Hines had access to only a portion of its portfolio’s resource data. But that’s about to change. Spectral’s BRIGHTER will dramatically reduce time and effort by providing all of the portfolio’s data on one simple platform. And that’s just the beginning – we are also running a proof of concept for our dynamic control module, which will dramatically reduce energy consumption.


October 2022 - present





To improve the sustainability performance of buildings, insight into their current performance is needed. Resource data are essential for determining performance. It is difficult to obtain this resource data. They are distributed across different metering service providers and the contract holders are in most cases the tenants. If the latter, it means that they have to give permission to a third party to access their data.

In addition to this data collection challenge, we are testing our dynamic control concept for one of the buildings in the portfolio. By implementing Dynamic Control, the energy performance will be optimized.



Spectral will collect data for the complete portfolio, regardless of the data provider. In this way, we are working towards 100% coverage of resource data for Hines. This is a BRIGHTER project.

First, all authorizations are gathered from contractors for the collection of resource data. Once approved, we set up data collection through existing APIs with the various metering contractors. BRIGHTER will provide Hines with insight into the performance of its buildings.

Regarding dynamic control, we are working closely with the installation maintenance company to connect and gain access to the BMS. Since the BMS brand that Hines is using is new to us, we are researching and developing the best way for our platform to connect with it. After enabling its data connection to the BMS and extensive testing, we start with dry-run simulations to test our control strategy. If the outcomes are as expected, we move to the implementation of dynamic control in the building.



Pending, stay tuned!

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Sebastiaan Voskens

Business Manager for BRIGHTER

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