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A Global Smart Energy Showcase for Creating Energy Positive Districts

The Buiksloterham district in Amsterdam was conceptualized as a circular neighborhood. So it only makes sense that this is the spot for the Atelier positive energy district. In this project, we are starting from the bottom and choosing sustainable assets. We are reinventing the way to approach energy positivity and sustainability. Various local energy communities will share their energy in a local energy market. This project is part of the Atelier project, an EU-funded smart city project aiming to create and replicate positive energy districts (PEDs) within two lighthouse cities and six fellow cities. This is a Grid Edge Consulting and STELLAR project.


November 2019 – November 2024




After successfully creating smart energy communities like Republica and Schoonschip, we still saw lots of potential for local energy exchange. We came up with a community of communities: by bundling these smaller energy communities we aim to create a positive energy district. The Atelier project is a demonstrator. We will use this to learn how to scale up our approach in a later phase and make even more impact. The general aim with Atelier is to move towards more local energy use and production, and to change our thinking from a community perspective to a district-wide view.



This is a joint project between our STELLAR and Grid Edge Consulting teams. Atelier is a citizen-driven project. It is built to be accessible, user-friendly, and using hands-off tech. The success of the system is not dependent on active use by a user. Instead, you can use the system to gain insight. Meanwhile, the tech makes the assets and systems work together optimally. By using the right assets in the right place from the ground up, we are making the best possible plan (for now). We are collaborating with local and international knowledgeable parties to share insights across projects.



We are still working hard on Atelier, but are planning to offset the complete energy usage of all households and businesses. Plus, we’re planning an energy surplus of 249 MWh. That’s as much as 1,2 kilotonnes of CO2!

This project was made possible by support from the H2020 subsidy scheme.

a diagram of the process of a water treatment system.
a map of a city with a lot of circles around it.
a diagram of the process of a water treatment system.
a map of a city with a lot of circles around it.

“The ATELIER project connects the different locations within Buiksloterham together into a Positive Energy District, to demonstrate how smart technologies can enable greater resilience and energy efficiency on a local level. With local communities cooperating to keep the grid in balance and enable maximal use of local sustainable energy.”

Frans Verspeek, Overall Project Coordinator ATELIER, City of Amsterdam

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