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Het Koninklijk Concertgebouw: Optimizing a Unique Building

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Improving comfort & sustainability for a world-class monument

After earning our stripes with our successful control work for offices, healthcare facilities, and hotels, the Spectral team was excited to face a new challenge: optimizing Het Koninklijk Concertgebouw in Amsterdam. This unique and breathtaking monument mainly functions as a concert venue but also houses a restaurant, cafe, and offices. Bringing the control of such a building into the 21st century is challenging. Throughout the years, attempts have been made to take better control of the indoor climate, resulting in a complex mix of meters and appliances. We are confident that we will get it done.


February 2023 - present





Het Concertgebouw has strong sustainability ambitions and a dedicated team to ensure those are met. Nevertheless, it is a unique challenge for various reasons. Firstly, the building is a monument, and monuments have to comply with strict regulations. Secondly, we are not starting from a clean slate. When the building opened its doors in 1888, controlling its environment was simpler: it was all done by opening and closing windows and doors. Since then, a lot of work has been done to control the building. The roof of the building is filled with all kinds of exhausts and HVAC installations that have accumulated throughout the years to create that difficult indoor climate equilibrium that concert halls require. Controlling such a complex whole is challenging to begin with, especially (thirdly!) considering the volatility of indoor climate in a space occupied by large groups of people (with varying preferred temperatures). The fact that Het Concertgebouw is a monument with various installations that have been added throughout the years, located in the city center of Amsterdam, means that there is limited space available for any type of hardware. Fourthly, the opening hours and hours of operation vary from day to day. Besides that, some rooms require particular humidity levels since they are used to store musical instruments.



BRIGHTER is the perfect choice for Het Concertgebouw because no part of the monument will be irreversibly changed by our work. Nothing needs to be demolished, and no part of the beautiful facade needs to be changed. The fact that we are tech-agnostic is also hugely helpful in this case, as we can connect to all the installations and software suites that ran Het Concertgebouw before we got involved.

While we are confident in our ability to help Het Concertgebouw improve its energy efficiency and indoor climate, we opted for a gradual approach. During the first phase, we onboarded Het Concertgebouw to BRIGHTER ESG Data Management and aimed to create insight and an overview of the full building. We enriched the data by adding (sub)meter data.



Our work has provided the facility management team of Het Concertgebouw with insight into the building’s “rogue zones,” areas of the building that perform outside of expectations but whose discrepancies are not noticed by the BMS, because, for example, the sensors are broken. Identifying and fixing those rogue zones avoids a lot of energy waste.

Our work also affects the building’s installations. We have shown Het Concertgebouw where a change in the operating hours of their installations will avoid waste and we have done a thorough analysis of the life cycle of the installations. A clear result is that Het Concertgebouw can now proactively reach out to installers, based on deviations flagged using the BRIGHTER alerting system, avoiding inefficient use of the mechanical components of HVAC systems. On the other hand, it also means some installer visits can be canceled, if there is no actual need for their expertise. This also means that these installations will have a longer life cycle.

In the next phase, we will pilot our Building Optimization module and start actively controlling the building based on, among other things, the insights we have gained so far. We expect to help Het Concertgebouw avoid at least 7-11% of wasted energy. But we have surpassed our own goals many times before!

I am happy to work with a reliable partner like Spectral. A unique building like Het Concertgebouw requires care, flexibility, innovation, and customization. We found that in Spectral.

Laurien van Straalen, Building Management, Facilities & Technology Coördinator at Het Concertgebouw

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