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July 14, 2022

De Dijken: Maximizing Solar and Storage

In the Dutch countryside, near Schagen, we have built the solar park of the future in an innovative partnership: De Dijken. Thanks to optimal cooperation between various parties, including Greenchoice and Spectral, and the implementation of the innovative STELLAR platform, there is hyper-efficient use of not just the available solar energy but also the existing infrastructure.

De Dijken

The sustainable energy plant at De Dijken consists of a solar park of 13.5 MWp and a charging station for mobile batteries up to a maximum capacity of 6.6 MW. The park has 30,000 solar panels, which is enough to power 4,200 households. The charging plaza is prepared for even more battery systems of various types. The solar park is equipped with bifacial panels, the latest PV panels. These panels can also partly absorb solar energy at the bottom. Thanks to the space, set-up, and surface (grass), Greenchoice expects to generate a lot of electricity. Besides our other joint project, Hellegatsplein, this is the second mobile charging plaza in the Netherlands and the largest charging plaza in the country.

Photo: the solar park, wind turbines, and batteries

Renewable Energy for Later

The batteries at De Dijken are used by Greenchoice to balance the power grid, by charging and discharging at times of surplus or shortage on the grid. For example, any surplus of sustainable electricity can be stored and supplied at a later time when there is greater demand. In addition, various system services can be provided to TenneT to guarantee the balance on the grid and the output of the solar park can be reduced when there is already a surplus of solar power on the grid.

More Renewable Energy

De Dijken is an excellent example of the effective integration of PV with energy storage systems. Spectral took on the role of system integrator, designed that system, and implemented its STELLAR. The result is a positive business case for all stakeholders. The project also works as a catalyst: it is a proven business case and gives investors confidence in hybrid sustainable power plants with energy storage.

In addition, we make optimal use of the available renewable energy. In this way, we accelerate the necessary system change in the energy sector and strengthen the sustainable energy transition.

A More Efficient Electricity Grid

The combination of battery and sun can be used in the future through the use of STELLAR to prevent grid congestion problems in the region. Moreover, De Dijken makes optimal use of the infrastructure. The park uses a grid connection of only 10 MW, while the batteries and solar panels can supply up to 20 MW during peak times. STELLAR facilitates monitoring and real-time smart control of the assets for local optimization.

Optimal Collaboration

Several parties are involved in De Dijken. ProSoldiga owns the park. Greenchoice is the main contractor of the project and ensures optimal use in the energy market. Spectral is a system integrator and is responsible for optimizing and smartly controlling the combination of the battery and the solar park.

This collaboration has a lot of unique aspects. In this type of project, for example, the PV park and the batteries are usually owned by one party. In this case, ownership is separate but the park and the battery are combined in one integral power purchasing agreement with Greenchoice. This project proves that collaboration between multiple parties in innovative contract forms is not only possible but also a good idea: all parties involved benefit from it. Thanks to De Dijken, we can start more similar projects in the future.

Jurgen Duivenvoorden, Manager Trading and Forecasting, Greenchoice: “After several successful storage projects, we have now been able to take the next step in unlocking flexibility for our customers. Our partnership with Spectral allows us to quickly unlock new sources of flexibility.”

Philip Gladek, CEO, Spectral: “Projects such as De Dijken show that thanks to smart technology and good cooperation, batteries can be used efficiently to provide multiple energy services. In this case, we not only replace diesel generators in places without a grid connection, but we also provide regional and national grid balancing. And that with the same group of assets.”

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